Wednesday, 1 July 2015

WOW: Oma's Little Circles

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Today I'm making those round little circles for Oma's Blues centre plate edge. Progress is slow, but I'm getting there. Visually, I think they are a smidge too big, but when I compare them to the pattern, they are exactly right, so it might be a blue on white illusion on my eyes!

What's Your WOW?

Monday, 29 June 2015

Broderie Perse Musings

I'm having musings about creating a broderie perse style applique wall hanging. I just adore the Tree of Life panel and it's really popular at the moment. I purchased it to use as a wall hanging - I was going to simply add batting and put it up on the wall. But then, I decided that just wasn't me. I think I'm going to do things quite differently with the panel.
 Like fuse and cut out these birds
 I can use these border scenes on a matching cushion or table runner when I change the room decor around (I'm thinking of a Tree of Life room theme for my lounge room).
 This is what the panel looks like when it is hung. You can get an idea of the size here
My plan is to fuse and cut up the tree too
 and broderie perse some of the branches into a new kind of (abstract?) tree
 I was thinking of appliqueing my chosen cut out shapes onto a new background and had thought about using this one, but it looks a bit dull and I don't think it will work
I had considered appliqueing my new design onto a black background, but I don't like the idea of living with a large black wall hanging in my lounge room - especially as these colours are quite rich and will sink in rather than stand out against such a backdrop. I think I will go with a warm woody tone or maybe even an unexpected blue.

Do I have the time? No. But I've discovered that if I only did the things I had time for, I wouldn't get anything done. So, I'll just do what I can as the opportunity arises. This is one of those projects I've been brewing in the back of my mind for over a year, well before I even purchased the panel. When I have a full free day, I'm just going to dive in and get it done on a whim, When I do, I'll share the results here and consider this my "before" post. 

Wish me luck !

Friday, 26 June 2015

Nifty Sewing Machine Tool

I don't actually know what this nifty little tool is called, but it is a great help to many sewers so I thought I would share it here. Whenever its spotted at workshops, everyone always wants one! Well, it's cheap at about $6 when I purchased mine and I found it in Spotlight.
It has a magnet on the back and you use it alongside your sewing foot to jut the fabric along evenly at the spacing you desire. This is especially helpful for new sewers.
So you just pop it into position and as you sew, you know that you fabric is allocated the same margin as you feed it under the foot.
Nifty, isn't it? I have many sewing machines and not one came with a tool like this, which really makes me wonder why not?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

WOW: Apple Core Quilt Progress

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

How sweetly is this little quilt coming along? I love the apple core pattern! The fabrics are gorgeous. I didn't know when they selected these fabrics if they would work, according to my own taste. But I've changed my mind. In fact, I'm really glad I'm making 2x at once. The real one with them in class and an extra one for myself. I think its perfectly charming so far and I'm looking forward to calling it finished in the next 3 weeks. 
Have you made an apple core quilt yourself? This is my first and I'm really taken by the charm of it.

What's Your WOW? 

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