Saturday, 14 February 2009

Block 4 is almost ready to launch

Please download block 3 if you have'nt already,
it will be removed in less than 24 hours


  1. Oh I can't hardly wait. But because of the different in time I have the block on the 14th my time.LOL

  2. Hi Esther - I am so looking forward to your next block. The first 3 have been so lovely! I am curious about what you are using for your applique shapes. Is it freezer paper or some sort of stabilizer?

  3. Yay! I can't wait. And your kitty is so pretty, I just had to say something!

  4. Hello Esther!

    I´m so happy to have the next block - couldn´t wait any more!!!
    But when I saw your blog, I wondered, what MY cat did on your pictures... they seem to be twins! Really! Can´t stop wondering about this! Take a look by yourself:

  5. a moggy cat... want to pet but im allergic t long hair prettys such as that luvly mog.... i love yer work too its pretty.

    (manxgirl's daughter)


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