Thursday, 12 February 2009

White Hydrangea

Sometimes you just have to love beauty for beauty's sake
It's nice to know that just looking at this flower has inspired so many emails today, so many that I had to add this little update:
It's very beautiful isnt it? With so much ugliness and pain at the moment (and even whilst fires are still burning), I think it's so important to acknowledge the awfulness...and press's healing and important to remember that there is still so much beauty abounding.


  1. i've never seen a pure white hydrangea before!! absolutely beautiful. I love your work Esther.. very inspirational. Lx

  2. Esther, thank you for posting some beauty from nature...after all the devastation in Victoria it is so soothing to see nature's beauty again, and to remember that those areas too will one day 'rise from the ashes' again, and hopefully bring peace to many weary hearts.

    On another topic...any previews of the next block??? ;-)

  3. "I think it's so important to acknowledge the awfulness...and press on.." I think that's why so many here are making Bonnie Hunter's star block in bright colors to be sent for the fire victims. I think we all need to see the beautiful is still here while we heal from the ugly. Thanks..


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