Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Vic Showcase is over

Sunshine and Shadow

Ring of Roses

Dream Fountain
Vic Showcase is over for another year. I can't believe how quickly it passes.
Thank you to sponsors and organiser's who never fail in making each year better than the last. I was really impressed with all the quilts exhibited - there were some great examples of bold color which I loved, and lots of hand quilting and traditional quilts. A great mix and definite inspiration for anyone interested in quilting and design. And of course, quilter's make the best company - it was no nice to put some faces the names of some Red Delicious Quilters and bloggers generally.
What now?
Well, I have a few pieced quilts I'm thinking of, and as always....I really have to try and find some time to get to grips with EQ6! No I still havent gotten around to it....even though it would probably speed up the back catalogue of ideas I have. Anyhow, you have to aspire to something!


  1. Beautiful work Esther.
    I'm a great fan.

  2. Beautiful work Esther.
    I'm a great fan.

  3. All of your work is beautiful but OMG Sunshine and Shadow is just too fabulous!
    So unique and such perfection in your stenciling........WOW!

  4. I agree! Weren't you afraid of making a mistake in the stenciling?...and having to start a section over? Beautiful work! Regards from Gail in Washington State

  5. Those quilts were beautiful. Would quite happily share them with you.......

  6. Esther ! Thank you visit !

    Beautiful the work, the blogs.
    Hí !

  7. Beutyful quilts ! I'm so happy that you show them to all of us :o) Thank you !!!

  8. Sunshine & Shadow is a beautiful quilt!

  9. Esther
    I thought EQ would clear out my backlog of ideas ....... instead I have found a whole heap more to add to the backlog! It is a lot of fun though, so find some time to play with it.
    Judy B


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