Monday, 28 September 2009

Another week, another quilt (hopefully)

I'm hopeful. I have the Quilts That Must Be Finished draped over the ledge awaiting action. There's 4 there on the ready right now - so I have no excuses.

Those shirts you see on the side - they are what I should be doing with my time ( some ironing!). Unfortunately, I am not a shining example of applied house husbandry!

Although I have plenty to do, I have to admit that I am feeling totally uninspired today! So far I have been meandering and doing everything and anything except what I planned on am going to just sit down and do it. Get through the boring bits so I can move on. Soonish. Probably.


  1. That is why I am on here commenting...I too meander around doing everything else than what I should be doing. I too get so uninspired at times it scares me into thinking if I dont get inspired I may never ever again be I make myself be inspired. I couldnt stand a life of not creating. I hope your mojo returns real soon. I love your creations! hugs Vicki

  2. Hopefully when you are procrastinating other stuff gets done that needs doing... that's when I get my housework done - when I'm putting off tackling a tricky bit of sewing, or tedious. Today I have to do non-quilty sewing (hemming pants). Looks like some floors might get cleaned... LOL.

  3. I have the problem of not getting nearly as much done as I used to when I was much younger. The last few years time seems to fly by and I don't do even half of what I used to do in a day. Consequently, I seem to have given up most cooking, cleaning and mundane activities like that to spend my time on my quilting and the computer which I enjoy so much. I feel a little guilty about that at times but then I think I should do all those things I love while I am still able! I think everyone has days of feeling disconnected, and they usually don't hang around very long. You do such beautiful work!!! Carol

  4. What fabulous quilts you've got. I find it's fatal to stop before I've finished something...if I put it down it usually goes although a slog, I make myself push on until done.

    Yours look so beautiful that you should press on and finish them...NOW.....ok? x


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