Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Lone Star

This is my Lone Star. It's been in the wings for a few years. Now I've found it, I'm set on finishing it. It was a 'nice suprise' finding it cut out and bundled.

I was going for an autumnal color feel and I still like the tones I chose, it will all come together when it's finished. I will definitely be posting that proud moment as soon as I get to it.


  1. It is nice to find a UFO all ready to go. I have several I must get done.

  2. Your loan star looks like it will be a beauty. I would love to do one but my skills are not up to that, yet.

  3. Love the colours, congratulations on working on a ufo it will be great to see it finished

  4. Esther, I too love the colours you have chosen. I have always loved the lone star but all those bias seams! Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. Beautiful Colors.. The Lonestar is one of my favorites and I hope to make one sometime. I recently pulled out some old UFO blocks and hope to complete it in the coming months.

  6. Beautiful colours. Looking forward seeing your Lone Star finished. Are you hand quilting it?


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