Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Quilting Red Delicious

Here are some progress shots – I’m almost finished quilting RD, normally I love quilting and take my time about it, but at this time of year, the heat and my ‘things to do’ I’m glad to be almost finished and ready to move onto my next challenge.


  1. Oh Esther it's going to be even more "delicious" if it's possible to be better than best!

  2. That looks so beautiful, Esther. I still have 4 blocks to complete, so it will be some time until I'm quilting mine. But yours is inspirational!

  3. It's a realy great quilt! And your quilting is stunning...... I don't know what to sooooo beutiful :o) I love it!

  4. Hi
    Just popped over to say your quilt is just stunning

  5. What machine do you use to machine quilt? Is it a domestic machine or longarm? It sure looks beautiful


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