Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Red Room Cushion coming along

So I have been doing something productive. This pic is of the applique front of the Red Delicious Red Room theme cushion. In the next few days I will complete it and post the pattern up.

Otherwise, I've been reading through the notes on Red Delicious Cake and when I next bake a cake (Feb most likely) I will again get my DD's to make RVC this time with the suggested cream cheese frosting and report back.

As usual, I've discovered more fabric than I even knew I had. I pulled out some mermaid and unicorn prints which I thought were so sweet that I felt like they belonged in a girly bed quilt - immediately! ...and they did, 10 years ago when my youngest DD was 9! How time flies....and a fitting reminder to keep me on my stash busting mission. It is hard, but pulling out ten year old projects is proof that with fabric, out of sight is out of mind - and you can't possibly keep the mountain of fabric I have in sight.


  1. Your Red Delicious series is sooooo sumptuous and yes! dedicious. Love them all and am definitely considering having a go at them. There is a problem, though - I do not have red fabric in my stash. Oh, wait - did I say "problem" - it is more like an "opportunity" (some people might call it "excuse") to stack some ;-). I'll be on my way to the shops, then.

  2. Your 'cushion' is just lovely! Looking forward to the pattern.

  3. Beautiful. Carnations are so versatile, as a motif for embroidery, too, aren't they?

  4. Absolutely beautiful cushion top! BTW, it's not red velvet cake without cream cheese frosting -smiles-.

  5. Oh my Esther, I love the cushion! Can't wait to get the pattern for this as it is so pretty.

  6. I love the design. Would be great as a Valentine's day present. My hubbie is one of those "the less cushions the better" type guys so if I made it it would have to be a wall hanging.

  7. Oh, your red room cushion is gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished.

  8. Hi Esther,
    I know what you mean. DH was in the ceiling cavity recently and I asked him what was up there...he brought down a bag of fabric with a photocopy in it dated 2001. I looked at these fabrics...some of which I thought Why?

    The cushion looks great:)

    Hugs, Sharon


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