Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Roseville Album

Roseville by Kim Mclean arrived a month ago. I'm only just getting around to it now (the usual story).

It looks good. I can't wait to start. I have already pulled some stash fabric out to see if it will do. I think I might have to buy some new Fassett fabrics. It shares some design elements with The Civil War Bride Quilt (which is also on my UFO shelf) so I will have 2 similiar in style - but they are both beautiful in their own way. I think that if you see something you know you will love making and having, it has to find a home...somewhere in your studio...

Is anyone else making this quilt?

I will post updates as I go through making this quilt. I don't know when as I have a lot of my own to get through. But it can sit on my UFO shelf. I have hungry eyes!

This quilt can be purchased here:


  1. There are several quilters making it on the Glorious Applique blog.

  2. oh Esther it´s wonderful. I like it but it´s to expensive for me. I wish you fun
    Danni from germany

  3. oh Esther it´s wonderful. I like it but it´s to expensive for me. I wish you fun
    Danni from germany

  4. I am making this quilt , on my 6th block and making it in bright reproduction fabrics!
    there is a blog for Kim Mclean patterns
    and people working on them
    join in!


  5. I plan to make the Roseville Album quilt.
    This blog
    is for people who are making any of Kim McLean's quilts. There are lots of people making the Roseville Album quilt there. Lots of beauty, hints and inspiration.
    Can't wait to see your first blocks!!

  6. I agree with you, Esther, it's a beautiful quilt. If you're going to make it (or any of Kim McLean's other lovely applique quilts) you would love this blog -
    You ought to join up! I follow this inspirational blog where many quilters are posting about their journeys as they stitch Kim's patterns. Kim herself posts from time to time as well. You would adore it!

  7. I've been following am ALMOST ready to jump in...but not quite yet. Enjoy.

  8. Goodness Esther, c'mon over to the Glorious Applique blog and check out all the commotion there! You'll fit right in. Michele

  9. I so want to make this quilt!! I've been going through a fit of the guilts with all my UFOs looking at me! Of course now I'm itching to start Sue's quilt so I really, really can't start anything else...can I????

  10. What a beautiful quilt! It looks very complicated:) I do like your choice of fabrics very much:)


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