Saturday, 19 February 2011

Applique by Freezer Paper

The Freezer Paper Applique Method is popular, surprisingly easy and completely satisfying.

It attends to all those important details which are so important: like smooth edges, clean tucks and sharp lines. Whilst traditional needle turn applique is my favourite and most cherished technique, this is the technique I use the most. It's so practical. If you haven't tried it - I can only recommend that you do.

 Simply brush fabric edges with starch

 Turn with a hot iron, using the freezer paper insert as your edge guide

 Remove the freezer paper easily

 Inner view of turned piece

the completed applique shape

I know many of you are familiar with this technique, however from the emails I have received this week I realise that there are still some quilters who are not confident using this method.

This is the technique I will be using throughout Hearts Desire and as there is so much applique in this BOM, I have decided to show some more detail in the slides below.

Coming up in this BOM, you will be creating applique leaves I have created a leaf in the tutorial below which shows exactly how I do it.


  1. Well you certainly did a great job on your tutorial.. and you made it LOOK so simple and easy. Now, if only I can make mine turn out so wonderfully! I'm my own worst critic!

  2. How clear and clever tutorial! Very useful, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tutorial..very detailed and really easy to understand!

  4. What a great tutorial.....thank you so made this look so easy.....hopefully I can now do these type of leaves.....I also like how you use the starch.....

  5. Very good tutorial ... thanks

  6. Great tutorial except I am still unclear on one step. You put glue on the pressed inner edge of one side do you then open the other matching side that you have turned or did you not turn one inside piece and lay it over the glue?

  7. Thank you!! I had never thought about machine stitching the overlaping pieces together instead of hand stitching them - may have to try this.

  8. Nice points. I always struggle to get them sharp with needleturn. Gluebasting then machine stitching is a great idea!

  9. Thank you so much for showing. This I will try the next time I use an applique blok.

  10. Es Usted muy amable en compartir esta técnica, fácil y rápida.
    Un beso


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