Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cold Snap!

It's getting cooler and our cat has fallen in love
with the iron all over again.

And with the cold evenings, it also means that it's time to buy some yarn for those wintery night knits...
Wondering whether to work a blanket or a scarf ??


  1. Hopefully it will just be time for a scarf.

  2. Oooh, a blanket first to keep you warm while you are knitting scarves :-)

  3. LOL. That's funny. My cat likes the ironing board b/c it gives her a great view of the garden...but she's not been inclined to think of the iron as a heating pad. Yet.

  4. Cute photo. The colour of your cat's eyes are lovely.

  5. Beautiful cat! Mine is afraid of the iron and ironing board. I think it is because they live in the closet where the "monster" vacuum cleaning resides.

    Cool weather? How wonderful. I'm in sunny Florida and the days are getting hotter and hotter.

  6. She is lovely, like to cuddle her....:)

  7. How about a blanket AND a scarf?

    Your kitty is adorable!

  8. My cat get on the ironing bord as well. A lady at my work showed me some pom pom wool and it would make a nice blanket out of it. When knited up it just look like a hole lot of pom poms very nice.


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