Thursday, 21 April 2011

Golden Rabbit

This is Golden Rabbit, he's my Easter Afternoon Project.
This pattern is so simple, it's a pleasure to make and really, it only takes an afternoon.

I don’t usually associate bunnies with Easter, however, I sketched this rabbit (he’s more of a hare, isn’t he?) a few years ago, and I’ve been wanting to make him up. So here he is: bright, vibrant and dancing through a meadow. The meadow side of spring.

If you’ve been thinking about an easy Easter project to brighten up your table, there’s still time to get this one done.

The pattern is a line drawing and is suitable for a small wall hanging. I’m going to hang mine up on the kitchen entry door. My DDs like the idea of turning it into a spring cushion and whilst that would work, I think a wall hanging wins. Of course, if you added sides you could also make a table runner, whatever suits you. It’s so versatile. My only recommendation is brights. I haven’t stitched in my sleeve hanging yet as I wanted to post this project right now, but I will be adding a hanging sleeve to finish it off.  Of course, you could just print it out and colour it in too!

Here I am, looking over my table, I stash busted this pattern,
and it feels so good to have used up some fabric and created / finished a WIP.

 Here are the fabrics I selected to use and also, the front page of the pattern.
I coloured it in to play around with colours and you can too.
I also added an extra flower when making up as three is always better than two!
He's so bright! I really like how the leaves have turned out

Now, although my head is in Spring, in my part of the world, we are actually getting cooler. It's funny, but I still relate to European weather! I think many of my blog followers are in Spring, so it's  OK, I can get away with it! 
Like it? Make it!
When this pattern was first released in 2011, I made it free to all members of my online quilting group at that time. Today, it is no longer available for free, however you can purchase the pattern for $2.95 USD as an instant digital download. 


  1. It is a very determined looking rabbit/hare ... determined to have a party I suspect. Thanks for the cheerful mood you put us before Easter. Oh, btw the cake you shared looks tempting.

  2. you are amazing, I love your design.

  3. He's delightful! I love that your work is never saccharine, I have a limited tolerance for cute; you always strike just the right balance. Thank you for sharing yet another terrific pattern!

  4. Wow! This is a great Wall Hanging Esther. Your work is always wonderful.

    Billie in TX

  5. Thank you Esther for another wonderful pattern.....

  6. It looks lovely - amazing that you made that in an afternoon.

  7. Well I love anything rabbit. This design is amazing did you hand applique all this in one afternoorn including cutting it out. Oh my I must be a slow stitcher. I would never be able to get it all done before Easter. Might get it cut out..unless you stitched it on the machine. Looks wonderful. Thanks for your talents and your generous heart. Bunny

  8. See, this is what happens. I get behind in my blog reading for one day and you pull something like this. And you, once again, have suckered me into adding another thing to my "to do right away" list. Shame on you.....and thanks!

  9. Esther, he is sooo beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing. He will be a special Spring addition.

  10. Happy Easter Esther, I'm sure you will be making it a real family time. Your Easter bunny is so lovely & colourful & I'm only sorry I don't have the time to make it this year. Thank you again for sharing you sure are a very generous person. Hugs Glenda

  11. Me again, I did have some time and posted the photo of my Golden Rabbit on the list and on my blog. I love this thanks Esther again for your generosity.

  12. I love the rabbit too, I see maybe a storybook in the making from you?


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