Saturday, 14 May 2011

Golden Rabbit Door Hanging

I’ve been a part of this Festival since its very first year and once again I have to start by saying a big Thank You Amy!

Golden Rabbit
(although, I know - he really is a hare)

This applique wall hanging was my Easter 2011 project. As well as my free BOMs, I like to share whatever little projects I make throughout the year. I know we all have mountains of fabric out there, so the more designs and uses to bring it out of the pile and into the open, the better!

Golden Rabbit is a stash busting applique piece. Basically, I wanted to create something versatile and fun. It’s an Easter Kitchen door hanging in my house, but it could easily be a wall-hanging, a table runner or a cushion. And I think he could even be incorporated into a quilt block.

   I make so many large quilts that it’s nice to relax and have some fun with smaller projects every now and then. This piece felt like playing around, I had a great time deciding on the fabrics, the backgrounds and his eyes (which are cut from a print).

I know this wall hanging will get so much use, especially as I love to have cherished family items that come out each year during special occasions.

As for Mr. Hare himself, well I just scribbled him into life in one of my journals….and whenever I look though that particular journal, his eyes were always looking at me. I knew I had to make him!

This little applique piece was an enjoyable afternoon – because that’s all it took to make up – a few lazy hours. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at him here as much as I enjoyed bringing him alive.
Thank you for stopping by my blog,
enjoy the rest of the festival!


  1. I do enjoy your rabbit very much - and his eye.
    How you could whip it up in one afternoon is amazing to me. It seems I work hard at things like that and it takes a while.

  2. It's always exciting to see what you will enter in the quilt festival. I think your quilts are about my favorite of all time. Really beautiful.

  3. Oh wow! You do lovely work!! And I love bunnies!! :) This is gorgeous!

  4. Lovely Mr. Hare, very charming. Beautiful drawing made even more striking with the appliques. He would make an adorable pillow or quilt center. Thanks for sharing.

    Come see my antique applique from 1850 #216 and my repro cheddar stars #212

  5. You have to love those hares!
    I like the way you have done the eye.


  6. Lovely! Wonderful colors and I love his modern/pop look!

  7. Love him. Actually I love the whole project.

    I'm not participating this time round. I'm heading off to Scotland to visit family.

  8. Wow, wow, wow! It looks like stained glass, not a quilt. Love the vibrant colours andthe flowers :) Thanky for sharing this piece of art!

  9. This is wonderful! I love the hare and the dimensional flowers.

  10. I love how the flowers have the dimension to them. Now, Is this a free pattern that is available? I have the most difficult time finding the patterns on your blog.. darn it.. I guess I must be slow.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful quilt. Love it.

  12. I am so very impressed by your beautiful work.

  13. What a great little quilt; it brought a smile to my face. :)

  14. What beautiful intricate applique you do- I have done very little applique and all of it is machine- I used to embroider but have not done that for a long while.
    We all do enjoy different aspects of quilting don't we? Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pieces.
    One thing I love about Amy's Festival is that I get to meet some new bloggers and quilters. Thanks for stopping to see my bargello quilts. I hope you will come and visit again.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  15. Darling and beautiful. Love your appliqué designs. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  16. Golden Rabbit is gorgeous, I love the three dimensional effect of the flowers. I love your appliques designs.
    I agree it's nice to work on smaller pieces in between larger projects.
    I so wish I could work as fast, I tend to procrastinate on every step.

  17. He is a lovely Easter hare. What a delightful wall hanging!

  18. Oh my, your appliqué is exquisite! So lovely.

  19. This is a special piece. I love the flowers!

  20. Hi Esther love your elegant bunny Chris x

  21. Esther, I love your rabbit. Very cute. Excellent use of colors and light.

    This would also be a great entry in the upcoming Pets on Quilts Show.


  22. This is good one. It would be a new and creative idea of Rabbit Door Hanging


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