Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Thank You For Commenting

Thanks to Everyone who took the time to comment on my last post. It's a relief to know that Blogger is having issues as I sometimes feel like these things only happen to me.

I can't leave comments on blogs - otherwise, it's business as usual on this blog and tomorrow is WOW again. This sure is motivation for me to keep busy!


  1. I had to unclick where your sign in and it says to stay signed in...I unclicked that and I was able to comment on blogs....some people have to click it...maybe that will work.

  2. I find comments left by you are often in Bloggers spam filter (not the one which catches real spam, but the one which requires approval). This seems peculiar to you posting comments.

  3. hmmmmmm I found that I could not comment on some blogs yesterday....never ran into that problem before. Oh well..if at first you don't succeed...


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