Friday, 13 May 2011

What is your favorite photo / image program?

I am looking for a program which I can download from my camera into, and once stored in that program, allows me to easily move, categorize and print images. I have been using Windows Image and also have the software which comes with Sony Cameras PMB as well as FINEPIX and I don’t like any of them. They all have their strengths, but none do the lot.

I am thinking of buying one to do everything – I mean really, who has time to juggle their photos around (like I presently do??) to get full use out of features required across other software functions.

I am after a program for your computer – not online storage like Picassa or Photobucket, etc.

I know most of you reading this post are more computer savvy than I am, so if you are using an image software program that you love, would you please let me know?


  1. Esther, I use Picassa on my own computer. I don't store any photos online (except the ones that end up on my blog). It is free.

    Another free programme I've used for years is Paint.NET. It is great for editing photos but doesn't help with categorising.

    One of these might suit you.

  2. I suggest you look at Photoshop Elements. It's a "lite" version of Photoshop but is incredibly powerful and not super-expensive. (Adobe sells online for $145 but I've picked it up from my local camera store for less than $100 when I was buying some other things.)

    PSE has both an "Organize" function that enables you to categorise and group photos and an "Edit" function. In my view, the edit function is superior to Picasa or many image manipulation programs that come with cameras. In particular, Photoshop Elements enables you to analyse and resize photos according to desired criteria (pixels, resolution, cms etc). This is essential if you are preparing high resolution images for print publication which I imagine you need to do quite regularly.

  3. Ditto on PhotoShop Elements.

  4. I use Paint Shop Pro 6. I have never had a problem with it.

  5. Anything Photoshop is great. That's all I use.

  6. I have used Picassa and love some of the photo features it has. I don't store my photo's online with it.

    I also have Paintshop pro 7 and 9. Both free and 9 has tons of online tutorials for free as well. Great for photo editing and easy to learn.

  7. I use Photoshop Elements 9 Esther but I also use Picassa 3, it's simple to use, stores in albums, has a pretty decent edit function and of course it's a free download. It's also handy if you do use Picassa Web as the uploads are straight forward too....

  8. iPhoto is built into the Macintosh operating system and does all of the things you mention. If you're thinking about a new computer - and you're open-minded about a switch - the Mac works like a dream for photos.

  9. Hi Esther I use Photo Shop 7 fantastic program it is expensive but PS Elements I am sure is great also. My daughter uses that too. I used to be in a photo shop class on line and I managed to learn losts. Now since I have started appliquéing LOL you have sure kept me busy I love what you have us doing in the BOM. I am also learning to love appliqué because I disliked it for years.
    I will dive into our next blocks as soon as I finish my portrait quilt of my dear friend who passed. It has to be finished in the next two weeks. Hugs Bunny

  10. I use Flickr - but there's a charge (#20/year) to store unlimited. It's super easy. . I wish everyone would use it! You can make albums "private" or "public" and there's also a decorating tool like photoshop built in. Good luck!

  11. Also about Flickr, once they host it, you can share to blogger, twitter, facebook, myspace. It automatically generates a short link, a long URL (for inserting for background images into webpages) also automatically provides you with a embedding option for your Blog. . if you don't want to have more than one site host your photo. I take a lot of photos, so storing them on my external drive is kind of annoying - I've already filled up a couple Terabytes. . so storing them on the web just makes more sense.

  12. I've been using Paint Shop Pro for over 11 yrs now and love it. In fact, I was using the program prior to Corel purchasing it from the original company who wrote the software. I also have the full version of Photoshop but just cannot figure that software out because it's not the most user friendly. My techie husband prefers Photoshop because it is what he has always used and did prior to meeting me. He's never converted me to using it however. WAY too complicated. LOL

    Paint Shop Pro does have a 30 day trial of the program on their website which is kinda nice.

    Good luck finding something because there are SO many to choose from.


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