Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Getting on With It...

A whole week since my last posting! I’ve been caught between doing what I do or blogging about doing what I do – and I find that although blogging looks so quick and easy, if I blog about what I do, then I don’t get very much done. Of course I’m not complaining, I do love blogland…but with my limited skills, it takes me longer than most to share what I’m doing!

I’ve been attempting to catch up on my emails today; it’s almost infeasible how quickly your email inbox becomes 300 unread messages waiting for me to get typing. That’s another reason why I love the Yahoo Group so much – members don’t often have to wait long for an answer, there’s usually someone helpful that answers their question before I’ve even read yesterday’s emails. I do love helpful members!!!

I’ve also been very excited, looking at Hearts Desire Blocks in my Yahoo Bom Group. There’s going to be some spectacular quilts being finished soon. I really do love each colour scheme; they all work in their own way. Today I got my next BOM quilt back from my ‘sample sewer’ and that motivated me to get up to speed with Hearts Desire so I can get stuck into the next quilt. I like to make one along with everyone else taking part…but do think I need to reconsider whether I will be able to keep on doing this as I have got quite a lot on and need to get ahead. Anyway, today I finished the centre block and I really love it.

One less thing to do...


  1. I love those fussy cut hearts! Gorgeous floral fabric.

  2. Oh it looks like perfection! I can't even see a stitch..which makes me re look at my work.. but I'm learning is what I keep telling myself, and if I don't keep working it won't ever be as good as yours!

  3. Is this an addition to block 1. It looks so nice. Are you going to give us the pattern for what you added?

  4. Practice makes better...and then as close to perfect as you can hope to have. The pattern for what I have added has already been advised in Block 5, final details in Block 6 - July 15th. I'm just pressing ahead!


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