Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WOW: Tuscan Crochet Shawl

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I did say I wasn't going to do any new crochet projects this winter - well, not until I had my WIPs seriously under control. But then I found a crochet WIP (so that's an exception to the rule). I knitted it to be the same size in one hue stronger. When it was finished, just yesterday afternoon, I hung it alongside my favourite shawl in front of my Camellia bush. I simply worked rows of wide shells and narrow shells until I reached my desired length.

I blocked it last night. Now, I have differing thoughts on blocking. Sometimes it can deflate the natural 'loft' in the wool and you can end up with a (still beautiful) but flat work. My last afghan never 'bounced' back after blocking and whilst I still love it, I wouldn't block it again. I thought I might skip the blocking process here, especially because I quite like the 'texture' of natural wool.

Yesterday, I realised that I had to gently block it to stretch the pattern into shape. I simply pinned the shawl straight against a table edge (it was resting on felt, you can use a clean towel or blanket) and pinned the entire 'square' into position. Then I lightly misted with warm water. A blocking trick which has always worked for me, is adding a trusted starch to the warm water - just a little bit. By trusted, I mean a starch that you have used before and know does not flake or stain or chalk your fabric. I always use and can recommend Crisp Spray Starch or the quilter's brand Mary Ellen. What's a little? Well, a very light misting over the warm water misting. I have found that it lightly repels dirt, dust and staining and keeps it's loft and spring better - without feeling or behaving starched at all.

I left it overnight and as the house is warm inside, it set beautifully. This morning I unpinned it carefully and shook it out.  Here it is, folded and ready to wear!


Carol Sanin said...

Esther, you are amazing you do great work. I wish I had the time and most of all the knowledge to know how to do such beautiful work. I have not been able to keep up with my WIP since I went back to work it's been 3weeks now. I'm going to do my best to get started this weekend again. Have a great day:)

Ethne said...

What a lovely shawl and such a great open lacy pattern

Bunny said...

Your shawl is gorgeous. Love the colour too so very pretty.

apple blossom said...

thanks for the linky just posted mine

sophie said...

Hmmm... not sure why I got a smiley guy instead of the cropped image of my WIP, but I've added a link, too.

I also linked back to this post from my blog post--I think we could all use more eye-candy and inspiration from others in our creative lives.

Your shawl makes me wish I could crochet more than the basic stitch--it's lovely.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh that is absolutely beautiful Esther!! I made a shawl once and then Carpal Tunnel set in. :( Do you ever have problems??
~Monika in Saskatoon

Pat S said...

Beautiful shawl. You inspire us . with all that you manage to accomplish. You have even inspired me to create my own blog! My kids will be so impressed with that!

Rhonda G said...

Beautiful work. I don't know how you find all the time. But what you achieve in a short period really inspires me to try harder to find those extra minutes.

elsa said...

WOW loved the shawl!!!
Is it your pattern? where can I buy it?

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