Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WOW: Red Teaser

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Today started early, with me enjoying the Daphne on this unusually bright morning.
THEN, just a few hours later, my plans for the day went out the window. My DD kindly snapped a picture of me at the table, writing design notes. As you can see from the chaos around me, I am in my element! (No, I have no idea what that pressure cooker is doing seated on a chair behind me! Oh dear.)

So I have decided to update my weekly WIP from my rainy garden to my crowded table.

As I was pondering what to do with my suddenly free occurred to me that the next BOM is launched in 5 days!! Yes, less than a week! Those of you in my Yahoo Bom Group voted to see the design in full from the start - so no mystery (even though I do love a mystery). This also means I won't be able to tease you each month with snippets of what is to come.

Here I am filing my pattern away ( I have to start doing this or I will drown in a pattern tidal wave), with my polka dot coffee....and matching fabric in the background. Sighs..... three guesses allowed, what colour do you think the next BOM is?

I will just have to make do with showing you this: and let you work the rest out yourself.
Your guesses will be confirmed in 5 days!

The fun thing about raiding my red stash was finding a much loved WIP quilt top. As it's a little project,  I might even consider basting it today. It's red stenciling on white whole cloth (bottom left in picture).

Yes, that rather large table in my kitchen is actually a boardroom table. A dining table will not do, it's simply not large enough for meals and quilting projects. Not in this quilter's house! Which reminds me, I might have to find some time to get some housework done some point....


  1. Can't wait for the first instalment.

  2. My God. How much material. Very nice!

  3. Red, red ,red! I think I will love your next project tooo :o)Love your creative mind and sharing heart.

  4. Love red and white - your WIP looks gorgeous.

  5. I'm guessing and hoping Red and White.. whoo hoo!! My favorite! I just started a new hand quilting project. I wanted it to be mobile so I can take it as a TO-GO project. Hexies it is :) again. I really need an applique project so I can do that hand stitching TO-GO instead of hexies again. shows my design and the work that I have started so far.

  6. My guess is red too. Looking forward to it!

  7. I'll stick with red as my guess...

    Esther, I am coveting that boardroom table in your kitchen! I'm coveting a kitchen big enough to put a boardroom table in, LOL! I have my sewing machine and meals at my kitchen table too.

  8. Red works for me! Can't wait to see it, but I confess to really enjoying the mystery of Hearts Desire. Speaking of red, my handwork project for when we travel back across country will be Cherry Thieves. More circles, but it is a beautiful design

  9. Hmmmm now let me think maybe Red LOL I am looking forward to the challenge. You are so kind to share your talents with us.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Wow, LOVE RED my favorite color. can't wait to start on your new project. I'm actually doing a double wedding ring quilt with red fabric.

  12. Red and white are so pretty in a quilt. I can't wait to see your design.

  13. Hi Ester,
    l have tried to reply to your email, but it keeps coming back failed. More than happy for you to mention it on your blog.
    P.S. Just LOVE your R&W applique you are working on.

  14. I like your work, they are beautiful
    have a good day

  15. Esther that cup & saucer is to die for especially full of cappuccino!!!!!!!!. The red fabric is a bonus!!!!! Cheers Glenda PS 2 1/2 hrs till the 15th???????

  16. Mmmm....Could it be RED? A strong color. love all you work Ester. maybe one will visit you. At first I thought your red quilt top was Hawaiian Applique. Cheers


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