Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WOW: Fabric Arrival

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

As I was heading out the door to go to the airport, a package arrived for me. Not just any old package, but the fabric range I have ordered for my next project! I quickly checked them over to make sure they were all there, they look wonderful in real life, and then had to leave them behind.

They have been ordered so that I can start my next BOM: it will be a 13 month mystery based on flowers, and it's an all round exciting project. I'm really looking forward to making it. New fabric does have that effect on me!


  1. Okay, Esther,
    That is some gorgeous fabric...what line is it?


  2. You've picked some lovely, lovely fabrics! It's always nice to get a package, even one you're expecting.

  3. That`s exciting and your fabrics are beautiful.

  4. 13 months??????? Well with all those beautiful fabrics I guess you would need that much time!!!!! I can see lots of flowers coming up??????? Have a happy day where ever you are. Glenda

  5. Wow, great choice of fabrics!!! 13 months, I'm guessing the GO Baby will be used a lot:<O

  6. My sister just bought a jelly roll of that same fabric line and she is useing it to make a grandma's flower garden. It's turning out wonderful.

  7. What a lovely time I have looking through your blog; and getting off onto other peoples blogs - instead of starting the embroidery blocks for a quilt I have to have finished by next Thursday. Anyway I am off to start on it now. I think one of my favourite sayings is "what goes around comes around" I think it is mostly used when someone does something annoying - but it is also nice to use it for when someone does something really nice.

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