Monday, 21 November 2011

Growing Chilli

10 weeks ago my DD decided to grow some chilli plants for my DH who is very keen on them. She didn’t do the pendulum trick at the nursery and back home we have since discovered that we have 2 male, 2 female. Can you tell?

I’m not giving up on the 2 male (above) because they do sometimes fruit. I hope.
Look at this one,(side pic, female) hopefully it will keep my DH supplied all summer.


Anyone else growing chillies? Any tips?


  1. What type of chile are you growing? We live in NM and green chile is a food group. LOL. It's so readily available here that I don't grow it in the garden, but we buy a couple bushels when they are fresh roasted and put them up to enjoy all year. This year it was extremely hot and dry and the chili is hotter than usual, but so good! I have a garden and the jalapenos were the only thing that survived this year.

  2. Are these chili peppers? Looks like our pepper plants, I don't have a veggie garden only grow rhubarb and chives basil and parsley. We are entering our winter season just now. Enjoy your summer. Bunny

  3. I'm growing 4 completely different species. By chili, I mean hot/spicy chili that you eat on the side. (well, I certainly dont eat it on the side, I can't take it. It's all for DH).

    Not to be confused with bell peppers which I think are sometimes called chilis too. Even though I call them capsicums. And I do roast capsicums, all year long, I love those!

    Confusing?? Not much!!

  4. Chili's grow really well in Singapore. Pinch the tops out if you want bushy plants. When I have too many I put them in the food processor with ginger, garlic and oil. The paste is always ready to use and fabulous for stir fried veg

  5. All peppers seem to prefer hot weather. I plant mine a couple weeks later than other plants. I've also been known to use "wall-o-water" which are designed to protect against frost, but also make a warm microclimate.

  6. I love you are hoping your male chiles are a gay couple hoping for babies!

  7. My DH got a lot of help from

    Good luck :o)


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