Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fabrics Have Arrived!

My Fabrics have finally arrived, here is the mix of two ordered lots. There are still a few bits to arrive but this is the general theme. This stack consists of the fabrics I have chosen to go with. I just wanted to give you a quick peek as I am very excited that they are finally here.

In the next post I will go through each fabric, why I chose it and the pallette in more detail. This way you will get a feel for the base fabrics and the contrasts, which will allow you to select your own fabrics.

All fabrics requirements for the entire quilt will be listed in Month 1, so you will be able to plan your fabric from the first block.

More to come soon...


  1. Wow, look at all those colors and prints. So happy for you that they all finally arrived. : )

  2. Beautiful are yiou going to give us names and colors so we can get the exact same if we want to?

  3. So glad to see they have finally arrived - far to precious to be "Lost in Transit".

  4. How nice for you Esther. They look like a wonderful selection of wonderful colours. I will look forward when I come home from our trip to pull fabrics... Hmmm I am sure II will sneak a peak in my stash tomorrow LOL.

  5. Love the fabrics! Glad they arrived for you I think I shiuld have a good bit if those colors will have to dig cant wait!

  6. The first thing that caught my eye is the red on white polka dots....then the reds...(yeah...I know you're crazy for reds :) ) and the rest are just delish.... and I see either a charm or layer cake pack at the top of the ginormous mountain of fabrics that I am soooooo deeeppplllyyyy jealous of.... hihihi or not to mention the neutrals/taupe/tan........arghhhh my eyes bleeds of jealousy! helppp someoneeee I need some shopping theraphy toooo

  7. Oh gorgeous gorgeous fabrics and those soft pastels and taupe's??????????? I can see roses and??? and??? and??? and??? any daisies my favourite flower would you believe?. Have lots and lots of fun now Esther' Cheers Glenda

  8. What a wonderful colors. It seems to be a spring quilt. Pity that the amount is not yet known, because upcoming weekend there is a quilt fair with us in the Netherlands. Greetings Ria

  9. Congratulations on the arrival of your fabrics!

    Must admit I find them a bit puzzling but very interesting too. I think I might be able to go with some of my stash, and the Morning Glory colour fabrics I found last week.

    Only 13 more days to the 29th....

  10. They are gorgeous and will be interesting as to how they go! I am happy for you Esther...that your long awaited lovelies arrived.


  11. Whoopee! I'm so happy and relieved for you Esther :-))

  12. What beautiful fabrics. I'm glad that you finally got your shipments in. I'm still working on Hearts Desire, hopefully my back, neck and arm will let me do some more sewing today.


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