Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOW: Sneaky Peek...what is it???

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Well, a funny thing happened to me this morning.

I sat down to work on my WIP and I was so absorbed in my work that when my DD just walked in the door a few minutes ago, she couldn't believe I hadn't moved! 5 hours. That's what happened!

Too busy WIPPing to post about the WIP!

Completely lost in my work. Oh, the satisfaction! So, what's got my undivided attention this morning?? Only Part 2 of Forget Me Not, so here's a sneaky peek. You're all ready for Part 2 aren't you? It's launched tomorrow.

What do you think it is?
Any guesses what the first applique block might be??


Fiesta said...

I love those colors. I am going to say morning glories. Can,t wait for Thursday

Debbie said...

Intriguing! Is it Violets?

creativedawn said...

Hi Esther,

You sound so completely absorbed! That is really gorgeous. Okay, how about hydrangeas?


Lyn said...

Audrey II? Seriously, I'll go with an ipomoea of some sort. :-)

Ria said...

Hoi Esther,

I think "Forgot me not" is a wonderful project and if I can find the time, I'm going to make it.

Greetings Ria.

Anne Marieke said...

Violets or pansies?

Very exciting to see a sneak preview!

ANudge said...

I was going to say Morning Glories, but couldn't figure out why a purple vine. The leaves are spectacular!

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