Friday, July 20, 2012

Walking Down Memory Lane

Once upon a time there was a castle

which was turned into a boarding school

and I lived in the top right attic room

and I met my DH there

when I was a 15 year old girl

and it still seems a wonder to me, to walk around this castle

which was a long long time ago

and remember the beginning of my own happily ever after ...


  1. Oh Wow Esther....
    What a beautiful post!
    Lovely Photos - wonderful memories

  2. Esther, you have to let us know the rest of the story. I assume it was a girls boarding establishment. How did you meet HIM there? Spill!

  3. What a beautiful and magical start to the bestest of happily ever afters!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Such a delightful memory and post.

  5. Oh my! Just like the beginning of a novel! A very sweet, happy novel! I can't imagine having grown up living in such a place though. I would think one's imagination would just explode in that environment. So many opportunities for connections with the past :*)

  6. Yes it might explain my love for old buildings, scroll work, ironwork and grand gardens!

  7. Wow, Esther!! How fortunate for you to have been able to live there. I hope the school itself was a nice experience to match the fabulous setting!

  8. It looks like an enchanting place. Is the school still in operation?

  9. How wonderful!!!! What I would give to go into this castle!

  10. Oh Esther when I saw those steps the first time you put them up I fell in love with them and I just knew there had to be 100's of wonderful stories that they could tell, but I never dreamed one of them would be your special story. Please spill the beans how come your hubby was at a girls boarding school way back then?????????????????????? Hugs Glenda

  11. What a beautiful building and beautiful memories of young love and mature romance. So nice for you to step back in time and enjoy.


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