Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOW: Fabric Distractions

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Yes, it's all mine and this is only 2x boxes unpacked. I'm beginning to realise that I might have to re-consider my 'essential' stack  again and have some kind of sale. There's just too much. And I have to accept now that each time I make up one of my quilts, I do like buying new fabric for the project specifically. Of course, every quilter needs something of a stash - it's vital. I just have too much. Still too much...and I really thought I'd cut back enough already. Seems not.

And then there's the fabric dilemmas, like this one: I love this medieval rose design. I purchased it for my DD for a quilt I was going to make her (which she doesn't want!). Now what should I do with this beautiful fabric? Get rid of it? I might have the perfect project for it one day...... or I might not. Who knows?
 Oh look! I can't get rid of this fabric, I was going to make a shirt from it. I love the print. The colours on monitor aren't coming up true - it's really a lovely warm orange with nice detail at the bottom of the fabric, it could be such a nice shirt.... what do you think?

 I bought all these fabrics because I loved them, parting with them is going to be hard!

What's your WOW?


  1. Esther you really can never have too much fabric! I now have a purpose built walk in fabric cupboard and it gives me so much pleasure just to look, touch and play with my fabric. Even if I never use the fabric, just having it brings me joy.

  2. I think that last fabric would be fantastic for fussy cutting!! There are those of us who are just creating a stash who think you to be loco!! No such thing as too much fabric :)

  3. Oh sure, I also think there's no such thing as too much fabric...just too little floor space to keep it in !! I have to adapt to my environment!

  4. Just refer to yourself as a collector rather than a quilter. All the guilt goes away...and buy more shelving.

  5. Love all your fabrics! I don't envy you still sorting, I have just finished a major tidy up of my very small space :)

  6. Hi Esther, I sent you an email earlier this week, did you get it? Regards Glynis

  7. Oh, Esther, I am with you, I like to start new projects with new fabrics, and my tastes change. I say donate what you can part with to a group that makes philanthropic quilts...

  8. I love your stash. It's all so nicely organized!

  9. I think we should have a folder in the group of stash photos LOL I also have too much and don't think I will use it all. Also I forget what I have and then another mess happens. Good luck parting with it. I did and felt good but more of mine will have to go too.

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  11. I bought some of that red roses medieval fabric and made a lap quilt. It was suppose to be a table runner but dh loved the fabric so i went back and bought what they had. It was on clearance for $3 a yd. What a steal.
    I do not blog but here is a link to a photo on my facebook page so you can see what I did with the fabric.

  12. I wonder why I missed this week....
    I had what I considered a really nice stash, and I suppose I still do have. But, my favorite quilts to make are scrappy quilts.
    I feel like I'm getting low on choices....I'm really not though. I can still keep myself busy for a few years with what is in my room.
    I have one 12 section storage unit (The ones that you can have the fabric baskets in if you choose) and then 2 6 unit ones and they are still pretty full.


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