Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WOW: Winter WIPs

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Now that the evenings are chilly, my mind turns to thoughts of my Winter WIP Stash. It's too gloomy in the evenings to get much quilting done, so I usually work my way through some knitting or crochet. My last knitted WIP was my super Ripple Afghan, which I love and get so much use from. I've decided that this winter, I will try to get through my next afghan which is a puff flower afghan.
I stopped this WIP after all the puff flowers were worked because I didn't have enough enough green yarn in the stash and went on a colour matching expedition. The green in question cannot be found so I have settled for a lighter green and think that overall, the variation of greens won't matter, and if it is noticeable, I'll call it a sun dappled effect! I do like to work with wool in the winter, it's so cosy. I don't know if the winter will be long enough for me to get it done, but I have put my knitting bag next to my armchair to keep me busy during the evenings! Hopefully that will remind me.
The greens don't match, but I don't mind anymore

Now I just have to dress a few hundred puff flowers in their green fields
and then lastly, add the white round and join it all together
What's your favourite seasonal WIP ?


  1. Those are lovely. They remind me of my grandmother - she always had an afghan on hand to crochet the evenings away.

  2. Those are so pretty. What pattern are you using? And I don't think the change in green will affect the afghan at all. I love working on crochet in the winter myself. I cannot wait to see yours finished. Mine will be put aside soon as it is warming up here.

  3. No one will notice the different greens ... unless you point it out. Or, you could say they are that way BY DESIGN :-)

    Your project definitely says Winter to me ... while in my corner of the world, lately, I can't get enough of bright colors in anticipation of Spring. (A cold front with the possibility of snow is on the way here ... as much as we need the rain, I want Spring, not snow.)

  4. Yes EXACTLY it's all in the 'design' for the pattern I made it up from classic and basic crochet stitches, I believing in saving all my creativity for quilting! I like to keep my night time knitting very simple.

  5. Lovely colours! It's going to be a gorgeous afghan!

  6. Hi! I just popped in from de Handwerktuin and I just love your quilts! Your flower afghan will really turn out pretty I think. I will definately try to go and follow your WOW parties!


  7. Really like your crochet! I can only make granny squares never quite got the hang of doing different stitches!!

  8. What a great winter project! It is going to look fantastic when it is done...

  9. I used to crochet all the time, but mostly now it's just trying to quilt.


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