Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WOW: Ready For An Adventure?

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I have finally put down my pen, decided on some fabrics (for the time being anyway) and am ready to start the Love Entwined adventure. It feels like it's been such a long time coming...and in many ways, I could certainly keep working on this quilt for the equal measure of time all over again. But the thing with making the Love Entwined pattern is this: you don't so much 'finish' it as reach a point where you can't go on any further alone.

I've spoken in previous posts about how Love Entwined is not a 're-manufactured' quilt pattern, and it simply couldn't be - I don't have the original quilt, nor have I ever seen it in person. There's been much I can only ponder and guess whilst going forward in my own style.

Yet having said that, it is a historic quilt and this means I have reigned myself in and stayed as true as I could to the design.

And now it's finished. And I'm as ready as I will ever be. What I need now is to get on with making this quilt and sharing the journey with my Yahoo Bom Group. I'm already looking forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas about each block and seeing how you all interpret the blocks in your own special way (like you always do). My Yahoo Bom Group has come to mean so much to me - it's not just the place I share my patterns, it's where I continually grow as a designer and as a quilter. Especially now. For Love Entwined is a very special quilt. It was once special to a specific woman in her own time and place in history, and it is now special for several different reasons: for it's marking of time and place in Georgian history, women's history and quilting history. Very special indeed.
And this makes sharing it with you all so much more important to me, for this, unlike other quilts, is not a sole journey to be undertaken alone. It is a personal satisfaction, but one to be shared.  It's a journey I am looking forward to undertaking with others and hopefully we'll create this beautiful fragment of history - all in our own special ways- and revive it's legacy through different cultures, different countries, guilds, groups, and in our own unique space, one quilt at a time.
Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet is a free historic 18 month BOM which launches on friday

Blocks are released monthly, for free during the month of release

Join my Yahoo BOM Group to take part


What's Your WOW?



  1. I'm looking forward to beginning this quilt... your color pictures looks so wonderful. Can't wait till friday and see how much backgroudn we need so I can start order that one !!

  2. This is going to be so much fun.

  3. this is so exciting, I shant do it but I WILL WATCH YOU LOT, LOVE TINA

  4. So looking forward to this one!! I love the picture you have shown here. Thank you so much for all you have put into doing this I'm sure others will agree we are blessed to have met you through your site you have given me many many hours of solace when it has been needed and I'm sure many many more to come.

    Thank you..

  5. This is going to be so exciting! I can already see a little bit of reverse applique in that little snippet you have tempted us with.

  6. I am very excited to start and certainly appreciate your time and effort into this project.

  7. Esther, you are KILLING me! The last thing I need is another project, but there is no way I'm not doing Love Entwined!
    Your color sketch has my brain working already. I hope I can sleep between now and Friday.

  8. Your colors are just lovely Esther!
    Already well on its way to life -- take a deep breath before you dive into your next step. :o)
    Soooo worth the wait... big hugs for your obvious joy in all that work! Bobbi

  9. I've been very busy and so afraid I would miss the launch. I'm on pins and needless with anticipation....Olivia (new member)

  10. When I saw those colours I just gasped and went OHhhhhhhhhh hubby called out whats wrong LOL. Oh those colours are all my fabrics I have pulled, OH THANK YOU THANK YOU ESTHER FOR THIS WONDER4FUL CHALLENGE AND RIDE A HEAD OF US ALL. Cheers Glenda

  11. Those colours are spectacular I just love them and am so so excited. I hope I have enough fabric in my stash I think I might. I know I can always go shopping. Thanks my sweet Esther you are just one Amazing Lady and am so happy I found you a few years ago.
    Hugs Bunny

  12. Looks simply beautiful. I am amazed at you colors as I had already decides that my zigzags would be teals and aqua and my flowers would be shades or red, rose and pink. I can't wait for Friday as I still need to fugure out background. Thanks again.

  13. Can't wait. Been looking every day so I didn't miss it. Ester you are amazing.


  14. Right now my wow was checking back to see if I was accepted to the yahoo group to find 835 messages. LOL. Excited for Friday, yes. I am excited for the journey.

  15. Ow this is going to be a big chalenge that I am looking forward too. Like many others I have losts of quilts to work on but this is one I find irristable. I am so excited. Esther thank you for giving us all quilting joy!
    And to join as this wonderful group is so much fun.
    Happy greetings

  16. I was waiting for it and just 30 min. ago I am reading your blog.
    This Friday it will start!!!
    My biggest challange, I realy hope I can do it and in time I will have a beautifull quilt in our home.

    Yhank you Esther for all your effort.

    And for all the ladies who start the project also . . .lots of succes!!!

    Greatings from Ede

  17. Can't wait for Friday! I have managed to buy a second hand copy of Averil Coleby's book to see the original quilt An amazing piece of work! I must be mad but I am so looking forward to the challenge, thank you Esther for your generosity and creativity

  18. Can't wait for Friday! I have managed to buy a second hand copy of Averil Coleby's book to see the original quilt An amazing piece of work! I must be mad but I am so looking forward to the challenge, thank you Esther for your generosity and creativity

  19. Still two nights to go! We then can say: Thank God it's Friday! You didn't only draw the pattern but also gave it a colour (color?) This must have been a journey for you and it isn't even over yet! The whole quilting world is very much looking forward to this release and you caused it. That must be wonderful. You earned it! Congratulations!
    Auckje van der Leij, The Netherlands

  20. Esther, I'm so looking forward to participating in this BOM! I've loved all the 'hype' and discussion leading up to the grand unveiling and am so glad I'm a member of your Yahoo group -- that's a great group of quilters! Thank you for so *generously* sharing you gifts and talents with us! :)

  21. O, I'm so happy, I don't have to work this friday! So now I can start right away...LOL! Thank you so much, Esther for giving us the change to make such a lovely historic quilt. Still don't know which fabrics I want to use. So I know what I will be doing this friday.

  22. WOW! I'm just so excited!
    I just love your coloured pattern!
    And I'm so looking forward to Friday....
    Thanks so much, Esther!!
    Love from the Netherlands,


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