Wednesday, 28 August 2013

WOW: Cutting Out Shirts

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

What a week it's been! So many of us excited and eager to know more about the marriage coverlet since my announcement over in my Group earlier in the week. I know it's hard, really hard, but we just have to hold on a little longer. I hope to have something more to share with you all very soon.
My solution today is to keep busy, so instead of starting on Love Entwined as I was planning to, I'm back to working on my shirts. The pattern's done, the fabric's selected, today is a day for cutting out shirts.

I've made a start
 and I've fallen in love with each fabric print all over again
and now it's just a matter of time and a production line...

What's Your WOW ?


  1. I envy you making shirts!! I do have a lace trim vintage sheet that I want to turn into lounge pants - now can I do it? I might give it a try tomorrow!

  2. I cant imagine the self restraint involved in not starting LE. I certainly wouldn't be able to not start. The fabrics for your new shirts are very nice. I had to chuckle over the picture of the careful placement of the collar pattern piece.
    in CA

  3. My goodness - how many shirts are you making?

  4. Hi Esther, are you completely recovered from your fall? Love your green tissue for your shirt. Those little green circles alongside your fabric on your first photo you could use for I do not know what. Horrible habit I got since a few months, to see everywhere possibilities! Thanks you so much for this! Greetings, Auckje

  5. I love the pattern for your shirts. I wish it were available for purchase. It looks like just my style. Thanks for sharing your progress with them.

  6. Hi! These ideas are cool. I can learn a lot from this pattern. I am into screen printing embroidery these days and I like to create my own shirt. Keep posting! Thanks.

  7. I am also a fun in shirts design particular casual fashion however I have this little concern in cutting shirts. I am looking for some tips and tutorial on how to do it properly. I hope you could share some. Thanks.

  8. Hi! I am a fun of tie dye shirts and I am planning to put it on my personal made shirts. I find it hard to make patterns for cutting clothes. Good thing you are able to post this entry. Thank you.

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