Wednesday, 14 August 2013

WOW: Finishing The Shirt Pattern

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Last week I traced my shirt pattern, this week I am serious about getting my pattern finished by lunchtime which is in a few hours. I am setting out later today with my DH on business, we're driving up to NSW, so I'm working to a tight schedule.
Actually I find pattern making quite rewarding, especially since I know the next stage will be selecting fabrics to make my shirts from. And I know I'll get so much wear from them as I'll like them so much. I'm working in the kitchen as the light is best here at this time of day

I'm making this pattern on Cane-ite which I purchased at Bunnings for about $10 (can't remember exactly) it's a great surface to pattern on as you can pin the board as you go.

I've already traced my original shirt and now I'm working on the collar,
cutting out the pieces which I'll set aside until I'm ready to select and cut my fabrics.
Making my own shirts isn't something I thought I'd ever do at this stage in my life, but now that I'm making them to suit my own taste given that I can't purchase what I want, it's a skill I'm pleased to have. Sewing is so often dismissed as 'women's work' or a skill that belongs to craft projects. I think I'm still part of a generation where a lot of women had enough skill to sew garments and home accessories such as curtains and cushions without too much difficulty.
Nowadays I'm taken aback at how lacking these skills are. Most young women I meet don't know how to sew the simplest things. They just don't see it as a necessary skill. Last week I was dismayed to see (at a craft demonstration no less) a method for joining fabric lengths together which consisted of simply sewing both sides together with a french seam. No instruction was given on how to match fabrics, grains or prints so that you can create a visually continuous length when using print fabrics.
As quilters, most of us will have significant sewing experience; but I think sewing is a useful and lifetime skill for everyone, it's a shame it's generally so undervalued. What do you think?
What's Your WOW ?


  1. Esther now that I am finished with my Patchwork of the Crosses as of this morning I can now throw myself fully into Love Entwined. Thank you so much for creating this quilt for all of us to make - it is so appreciated that you have this free BOM - I have wanted to make a historical applique quilt for a long time and this gives the perfect opportunity to me.

  2. My mother was a good seamstress, and I was sent to after-school sewing classes when I was 12. We had to learn to draw our own patterns, and I loved it. Since then I have made lots of clothes for myself and my family. I shall always be grateful for those early classes!

  3. I agree. It is undervalued and it is a shame. That is why we see some very poor constructed clothing and the people buying them don't know to look for quality. On another note, I have been waiting for several days to join the yahoo group for LE.Is there anything I can do?

  4. I agree - sewing is undervalued. My daughter, thank goodness, inherited my mother's gene for sewing - they both can draft patterns from photos - I just got the minor gene - I can sew from a pattern - LOL. I made sure both of my boys could sew on a button and hem their pants before they left home. Both have said how helpful that has been.

  5. I used to sew clothes a lot, all of them, actually, for many years. Then I discovered quilts, and my clothing sewing has taken a back seat. I must admit, I always used a pattern, it was my little sister who surpassed me. trying to get back to them, but it is hard with your enticing patterns! Have fun on your trip.

  6. I too will have to start making my clothes again - although this will impact on my "quilting time". I think the retailers have missed an opportunity to sell clothing to older clients. Anxiously waiting membership so I can read the instructions etc for LE and start making plans. Any idea how long this process takes?

  7. Gosh, I have to say that I'm very impressed with your ability to draft patterns. That's a great skill to have. I can sew up any garment a pattern is available for, and make adjustments/enhancements, but I sure can't draft to start with! (And yes - my mom taught me by 11 how to carefully match joins up - hehe) Also, I just wanted to say how much I've really enjoyed seeing the various versions of your Love Entwined that I see different folks working on. It's terrific. :D

  8. I am eternally grateful for going to school in Queensland and learning how to sew and draft patterns. I didn't do it for very long (I moved over to the boys and tech drawing)but I learnt enough and still have those skills today.


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