Wednesday, 7 August 2013

WOW: Pattern Making

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I know we're all keen for me to receive my fabrics and finally start posting some tutorials here, but I'm still waiting. It turns out a lot of the fabrics I selected are on backorder so there's been a lot of waiting around. Last week I spent a few hours sewing a collar into my shirt. This week I'm pattern making. A quilt? No, a shirt!
I very rarely make my own clothes (in fact, never). But is it just me, or is it nearly impossible to find shirts in interesting fabrics? I simply can't get my hands on any. And you already know I have a fabric it just makes sense to stop complaining about it and get to making some easy shirts I'll love wearing. This is an easy shirt I love wearing, so I'm using it as my pattern. You can see I have a long vest on as it's rather cold down my way. You see, if I wait until summer, it will be too hot to do any sewing so the time is definitely now.

It's still morning, but I'm already underway. It's going to be a productive day!

What about you?
Have you made any garments lately?
Or do you only sew quilts?
What's Your WOW ?


  1. Although I do sew garments, the only things non-quilt related that I have made are small bags. I have plans to make a skirt and dress for my middle daughter, though.

  2. I've been primarily a quilt maker in the last years, but like you, Esther, sometimes one can't find what we need in the right color or size. Since I'm short, never can I find a skirt that fits and is my length. Even petites are usually 4 inches too long! So I made one. You can see it here: Since it's already finished I didn't list it as a WOW. I like the shirt you are making.

  3. I have got several fabrics lined up to make skirts from for the winter...whether I shall get time....?

  4. I rarely make clothing but recently I purchased a vintage sheet with a crochet edging on it that I want to make a pair of pajama pants out of - will it turn out? at least I didn't spend much on the sheet so no big lose if it doesn't'. Sorry you are still waiting for your fabric!

  5. I am always making a garment last week I made a top. I have a closet full of garments. I made both my daughters their wedding gowns and all their wedding party dresses and hat. I make denim jackets, coats you name it I have made it. LOL. Bunny

  6. Estée, I have only ventured into skirts. Would lve to tackle tops.

  7. I make quilts and clothes as well. Good fun, and a nice change from one to the other. I see you are rubbing off a pattern from your shirt. I've been learning on Craftsy how to rub off my favourite pair of jeans to get a pattern. Will be interesting to see how that all goes!

  8. Thanks Esther, I did 't mention that one of the wedding dresses I hand beaded and the other was made with pre made beaded lace. I appreciate your comment on the list.
    Hugs Bunny

  9. I've never made any clothes, but it is definitely something I would like to have a go at. Shirts would be way out of my comfort zone :)

  10. I like your shirt it looks so comfortable! Its hard to find comfortable ones at the stores nowadays as well they all seem to be tight tight tops I like them a bit looser!!

  11. Your shirt is coming along very nicely. I used to do quite a bit of clothes construction but not for awhile. I worked for JoAnn Fabrics a couple of times and made clothing for display in the differing stores. Even took orders making clothes for weddings and misc. Anyways it has been several years and would most likely have to relearn. Possibly it would just come back.

  12. Actually I only sew quilts these days..
    When the children were small, I use to sew all their clothes and also most of my own.
    But I seem to experience a lot more pleasure in sewing quilts.... :)
    Hope your fabrics will arrive soon!
    Love, Ria (the Netherlands).


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