Wednesday, 16 October 2013

WOW: Lily Rose is Launched

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Today I'm delighted to launch my latest pattern Lily Rose with my Yahoo BOM members. I spoke about 'Lily Rose' in this post a few weeks ago, about my inspirations and how the design developed. It's one of those quilts that just grows on you. I am in love with the patchwork-ness of it and I love that as a wall hanging, I'll be able to see my favourite scrappy fabrics on display all the time.
Lily Rose is a wall hanging and for the first time, I am offering this quilt in two sizes: the original size (which is 54 x 58") and a half size (which is 27 x29"). Both sizes will be available for free to members of my Yahoo BOM Group and I recommend the half size to experiences applique quilters only. The original size has been styled for beginners - the applique shapes are basic and just right developing your skills without being overwhelming. The full size pattern is suitable for beginners. If you are a beginner, select your applique style before starting and don't forget to view my applique tutorial on freezer paper turn edge applique here.

I was planning on releasing this quilt as a BOM over 3 months which would be a nice end to the year, but have decided instead to release the complete pattern at once. I just felt that there would be too much confusion in the group with 2x file sizes being released over 3 x months so the complete pattern will be available outright for 1 month.
I have so many quilts, and such a long Quilt To Do List that I decided I'd prefer a miniature style quilt (and I confess, I have a spot in mind for it already so this made my decision easier). Of course, at 27 x 29" the half size pattern is not a true quilt miniature, but I do think it is charming and I am going to really enjoy the challenge of making the pattern in half size.
You know how I was all undecided about fabrics and colours (sounds familiar?) I have settled on the colours listed in the pattern now. Of course, you will make it to your own style (and I was seriously considering a red and white version...and might yet sway back to that idea.....except I have so many lovely stash busting scraps that it would be a shame not to use them).
Apologies for the late posting this morning: I'm having technical issues!
What's Your WOW ?


  1. glad to see you are up and running - tech problems are such a pain. I am busy finishing up several projects and hope to get back to Love Entwined soon - the Lily Rose quilt looks charming!

  2. Don't you have too many projects to handle right now? As I read your blog one quilt after another comes by. And all the other things you do. I'm quite sure you don't sleep at night :-)

  3. This is a beautiful pattern. I LoveLOVE that it is smaller. I am in awe of LoveEntwined and the people who are creating one. But I think this is something that I can actually tackle. THANK YOU!!

  4. Lily Rose is just beautiful! How talented and generous you are!

  5. Oh, Esther, that quilt is gorgeous.

  6. Esther thank you for yet another wonderful quilt pattern. Just love your dedication to the art -- you continue to inspire us all!

  7. Esther is this pattern available for sale?


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