Wednesday, 11 December 2013

WOW: Someone stole my green bags?!

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

This morning I’m a little late posting WOW because I was held up at the shops. I don't usually shop first thing in the morning, but given the time of year, I wanted to avoid the seasonal craziness by shopping as early as possible.

And when I was at the registers, I was distracted, and the shopper ahead of me stole my green bags. I still can't quite believe it. I packed 30 of them, all folded neatly and ready for the checkout. When I got to the checkout, I put my green bags up first so the lady on the register could fill them as I started loading my goods onto the bench top. When I’d unpacked all my goods and moved my trolley further down the register line I noticed the checkout lady was using plastic bags. Five of my bags had already been filled with groceries. Where were the rest?

Yes, I thought you had more bags’ she said, scanning my items quickly.

“More bags? I have 30 of them, where are they?’

We looked around; we looked under the register and next to the register and around for the shopper who had been ahead of me. Although she’d been loitering a few minutes before, now she was gone. And so were my bags. 25 of them. Now, I’m sure it’s possible to inadvertently pick up another person’s bag accidentally …but 25 of them? It’s just rude! ‘Oh well it’s no big deal’ my DH said when I told him about the bags

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. 

I am so annoyed that someone stole my shopping bags that I decided to share it here on my blog and ask you, have you ever ‘lost’ anything whilst shopping? What shopping habits drive you mad?? and, speaking of WIPs, have you finished your Christmas shopping?

What's Your WOW ?


  1. HI Esther,
    Sorry to hear about your green bags. Isn't it crazy what people will steal? One of my neighbours stole my grey recycling bin.
    And no, all my Christmas shopping is not done. And I get really angry with people who don't know how to drive properly.
    When I come up to a stop sign, I am so tired of people turning left and cutting me off. Get out of my space!!
    On that note, have a great Christmas Esther.

  2. I cannot imagine needing 30 bags for my shopping in one store.

  3. It *is* a big deal. Those stupid bags cost money and, more importantly, THY WEREN'T HERS! I don't want to be able to believe that things like that could happen in a store full of people, but I know better.

    The kids and I were at the grocery store last week and a woman had her car shopping cart disappear from the bulk food section, with her bags (and I'm hoping not her purse) in it.

    Our garbage can was stolen a couple of months back. (The huge on belonging to the garbage company.) They replaced it without much fuss because that happens a lot around here...

  4. That really does stink! Shopping can be such a hassle lately. I've got three gripes about shopping.
    One, the lingering person in the center of the aisle with cart( usually on a cell phone). They make it impossible to go by them since they are clogging the entire space.
    Then if you are rude enough to interrupt their call by saying "excuse me" the daggers show in their eyes.
    Two, the line cutter, at the last second they rush in and take your place in line. If they don't succeed here they get behind you, shoving your groceries with the bar divider to put their goods on the belt. Sorry about your bags, that is the worst. I make my bags out of upholstery material. The bolder and sometimes uglier the better. No mistaking them !

  5. How awful. That's just downright mean. I can't think of anything that I have had stolen with out and about. I never take that many bags with me - heck, I don't even own that many 'green' bags.

  6. that is just plain mean in my opinion! one is an accident maybe but that many!

  7. My grocery bags were made over a decade ago from what many would consider "ugly" clearance denim. The 50cm x 50 cm bags hold the equivalent of at least 2 standard bags. The orange, green and pink striped denim is so distinctive that even the checkers know me by the bags.

  8. Some people will and do steal anything they think they can get away with. Guess it gives them a rush or something. I don't blame you for being upset Esther I would be.

    I don't recall anything of mine that has been stolen while I was out and about at the store.

  9. Unbelievable that someone would steal your bags right in front of you and the sales clerk!! One thing that I've noticed more and more is women leaving their purses in their shopping carts while they walk away (and I don't mean arms length) down the aisle. And sometimes the purse IS OPEN!!! Can you believe it!!! I just want to shake some of these gals.

  10. Worse than the bags , although at about $1.00 a bag thats significant. i had half my Christmas groceries stolen from the checkout. The response from the store was "once its gone through the checkout its not our responsibility" . Needless to say i did not shop there again.

  11. Oh well Esther, it could have been worse - at least they were empty!
    My SIL had someone walk off with her fully loaded trolley of shopping once - while she was paying for it!!

  12. That is a mean thing for someone to do, isn't it? Hope that it doesn't dent your Christmas spirit for long.

  13. some people are just so mean spirited at Christmas time....
    yes I hate the mid aisle stopper on their phone, or just can't make up their mind what item they are looking for

  14. It is so sad that people will steal. It seems to increase around the Christmas season too of all things. Hubby does roadside assistance and had to troubleshoot a problem where a young gal left her diaper bag behind in a store restroom just after changing her baby's diaper. She had placed the keys to her rented car in the diaper bag. She had all her money and etc in that diaper bag. I hang tight on my purse and things when out in the public. I have two incidents where someone either was flagging me down to stop my car and one who wanted to approach me in a parking lot. I just shake my head and move on because I'm not sure what their intent is. I am quite wary!

  15. I never figured anyone would steal those bags, now I will be careful. So sorry! And I commend you for using them!

  16. That someone only dare to think of steeling someones bags....crazy.
    While shopping I get annoyed when people don't cue properly (and are headed for the front place in the cue) I am glad we don't celebrate Xmnas with presents here (Netherlands...although some people do) so no shoppingstress for me.
    I hope some day you meet a person in the shop carrying 25 green bags with her/him.....

  17. Boy, they really wanted your bags!
    No, I am not done with my Christmas shopping, and I am not done making the gifts either.
    Less than 2 weeks now to get them done. Youch!

  18. I would be so irritated, in your shoes. I have this theory that the way strangers treat one another says something about society and I'm so disappointed when stuff like that happens. I do believe it's so much easier to be considerate of others and yet some choose a different path.

  19. People never fail to surprise us. You might have to secure them to the cart. Happy holidays to them.

  20. Hi, Esther. Just wanted to say how much I like your red and white quilt. And your DH is wrong. It IS something--theft is evil. Having to battle it constantly, I have no pity for thieves. Thieves walk around with hate in their hearts...and can therefore walk away with what other people have worked hard to get. May your holiday season be much more cheerful! best, nadia

  21. I am very very late catching up with my blog reading.
    Men who wait to be told how much they need to pay before they get their wallet out. Why? They know they will need it. Then they hunt around for 5 minutes whilst they decide to pay with card or cash.
    I love men, I even married one, but as a species they drive me nuts.


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