Tuesday, 18 March 2014

LE: a quilt with a mind of it's own

Love Entwined has a mind of it's own. I made other plans, but my Love Entwined wants to be a patchwork style scrappy. I resisted this at first, but not for long. Nothing I did worked, even though I had thought out at least 3 excellent colour ways, each one as lovely as the next. But it wasn't to be. I've been rejecting all those lovely new fabrics for a patchwork style of assorted lights and darks and, against my initial decision not to, I'm now firmly following my feelings with this quilt. I really don't know how I thought I could resist in the first place because, honestly, this quilt has a mind of its own! So my original colour scheme issue was resolved, but then came the red dilemma.

Every time I selected fabrics to use, I kept sneaking in red fabrics...and it just didn't work. It was too red for the patchwork style LE I was making, and not red enough for a red quilt. So I was left with no other option: 

I am now making two Love Entwined quilts at once

One in a patchwork style scrappy and one in red and white

Although it's double the work, I feel relieved because I was sick and tired of chopping and changing all my ideas over and over again and of being so undecided all the time. Making two quilts is a resolution and now I can be free to follow my instincts and just get on with making them. I feel like the patchwork style version is a nod to the 1790's era. Oddly, even though it isn't particularly Georgian in my opinion, I do feel that it's right as a homage to the original quilter whereas the red and white is more my own personality.

and I'm loving each of them in their own way. Now that the colour scheme has been resolved (or doubled?! depending on how you look at it) I'm enjoying each of them in their own specialness and have even started on my red compass. It's going fine, I won't have to make 3 of these compasses, I think that was just me warming up to the quilt ahead!

Thank you to everyone who is posting their own Love Entwined progress over in the Group: it's an inspiration to see how you are making your own quilts, I love seeing what you are doing with the blocks each month. 


  1. That is the real challenge: make two LE's. Both in great colors! Succes Esther, the red white compass looks good already.

  2. I'm especially looking forward to seeing your red and white LE! My LE and I are struggling right now so I know what you mean when you say this quilt has a mind of its own.

  3. I am such a fan of scrappy and make them all the time - this is a very good idea - I also love red/white - double the work - double the fun! looking forward to seeing both versions.

  4. I too considered red and white. I was hesitant to do that as I have never made a two color quilt! especially LE with so many pieces. Your compass is lovely and I look forward to seeing your progress.
    I am loving this even though I am still stuck on the compass part.

  5. Such beautiful fabrics, Esther! Red and white will be stunning! I love that gorgeous red paisley fabric in the photos. I've got fabric envy.

  6. Oh Esther I just laughed and laughed when I saw that you had started on a Red and White compass and LE. It really is you and I'm thrilled that it won in the end LOL. I just know it will be a show stopper. Now the girls will be happy too; one LE each more laughter. yep it sure has a mind of its own LE. I'm looking forward to see both your LE grow now that you are off to a late flying start LOL. Cheers Glenda PS you have made my day making it in Red and White.

  7. That's very interesting. I know what you mean about stalling out during fabric selection, when it just isn't clicking. I think it's brilliant that you realized you were trying to accomplish two very different objectives that needed to each be expressed in its own quilt.

    Now, if only I can finalize my own fabric selections, I can start the little applique project that I've been mulling over for the past week!

  8. Love your new colours, fabrics and resolve, it will be a show stopper !!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow! Love the red/white one...makes me want to do a blue/white one. I love to follow your thinking process and reasoning for what you are doing...makes me feel that I am not alone when making choices involving fabric. thanks

  10. Beautiful red and white fabrics. I look forward to watching your progress.

  11. Well, now you know what we have all been struggling with since you designed Love Entwined LOL

    It does have a mind of its own and won't be happy until you get it right.

    Doing two LE's will be a challenge in one way, but will put your mind at rest in another.

    Don't forget to enjoy the journey.
    Anne Marieke

  12. Make two?? You are brave! I keep with scrappy, I love it! But I agree red and white is the best colour combination!


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