Wednesday, 20 August 2014

WOW: LE Embroidery Stems Completed

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday

My own Love Entwined is really taking shape now. I've spent months in preparation, doing bits here and there, which I now have ready to finally get the center underway. I'm really excited to be at this stage, after all the hard work of this beginning, there's a lot of fun ahead. During the months when I was sitting down doing all the tiny prep work, turning hundreds of pieces over and over, what really inspired me was seeing what everyone else was doing. Most quilters making LE are miles ahead of me and seeing their progress kept me motivated. 

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to add images in the Yahoo BOM Group or on Pinterest. I know uploading images takes time - time most of us just don't have much of nowadays. I'm deeply appreciative of how keen so many of you are to share your journey with all of us. We all need an inspiring boost every now and then. It just reminds me how wonderful it is to make a quilt within a community, and in this case, an online community. What a great place to be. THANK YOU!

What's Your WOW ?


  1. are like an appllique savant! Look at! Gorgeous! XO

    1. Ha! I wish that were true, I'm just toiling away like everyone else. Just this center here is over 50 hours work. My secret wish is to have hand sewing superpowers or staff (a team of about 10 would do nicely) ...:)

  2. Lovely, love the colours you have used. Looks great. Worth the wait.

  3. And now comes the fun part, the flower arranging. Bravo for all those stems and beautiful embroidery. The centre has an autumn feel about it, must be those stems :) Ineke (Marcelineke)

  4. Your work and designs are amazing as usual. Also, thank you for the weekly link up.

  5. As I watch some of the other gals in the guild and my sewing groups do embroidery, it makes me wish I hadn't sold my Embroidery Workshop book....but alas, who knows when I would get to something like that past simple stuff with everything else I have going on.

  6. Esther, you have given me wonderful direction here. I had always intended to embroider the stems on these bouquets. So, I hope you won't mind if I follow your lead and work on the embroidery for all four bouquets at once. I like the idea of getting this base work done before going on to the fun of blossom selection. Thanks for all you do to make this project so much fun!

  7. Esther it is amazing to watch your progress. I think that all the preliminary work you have done will make the next steps all the more exciting! It is simply gorgeous!

  8. Esther, this is so lovely and your stems using the braided stitch are great - makes me want to try that stitch!

  9. Lovely, love the co lours you have used. Thank you for sharing that.
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