Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WOW: LE: Hand Sewing

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays 

Today I'm sewing down the last of the zig zag border - its taken a few weeks but its a time consuming task and can't be rushed. I'm already thinking about the berries to come and I have created a 'sampler berry' and pinned it down to check for size. I've also pinned down my newly turned hearts and I'm delighted with how they look. I've pinned the vase down because I've started thinking about my vases, I think they need more embellishments and I'm thinking of some embroidery work on them. I'm in two minds about this, but I think LE need more fuss

One thing's for sure; I have plenty of time to think about it as I work through another 5 or so hours of needle turn applique today. I find hand sewing quite soothing and once you find a rhythm, it can be hard to stop. I will usually sew next to this window here until light fades and I have to set up my daylight lamp or my needle snaps (and that is happening more and more, I'm sure they just don't make them as strong as they used to!)

This is what I mean when I say, 'happy sewing', I hope you find your creative nook today as I have found mine; its a creative and rewarding place to be.

What's Your WOW ? 


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    1. I am experimenting at the moment but I think I have settled on making them with fusible. I will blog it when I'm sure, and I think I am as I love their proper roundness!

  2. I bought a packet of the Hiroshima needles this week, millners. Looking forward to trying them.

    1. Interesting, let us know how they fare... I have ordered a few different ones from the US and will be trying those out. The combination of starch in my applique technique definitely takes its toll on the needles, they just can't take it and I'm looking for a good, strong hand sewing brand.

    2. Have you tried the Bohin applique needles? I was having a lot of trouble with needles bending and breaking but the Bohin applique needles do much better for me. I think it's a French brand; I found them from an online seller.

  3. Beautiful work and beautiful thoughts Esther!

  4. Your quilt is lovely. Well done beautiful work.

  5. Nice to see your stitches on this beautiful quilt.
    groetjes van Marijke

  6. Makes me slow down and relax just hearing about your stitching! Love that scrappy zig-zag - and how the rest of those prepared pieces are looking!

  7. The fabrics you have used are so beautiful. That border is so vintage gorgeous.
    I don't really like applique; however, I have now hand quilted two quilts and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really like embroidery also. I find any kind of hand work is especially relaxing after a stressful day at work.

  8. Hi there! What is a needle snap? I googled it, but got some crazy answers!



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