Saturday, 18 October 2014

LE: Vases 3 & 4, the purple flowers

These are my opposite diagonal vases 3 & 4. They're very similar and I have chosen to make them both purple and yellow. The top vase being darker and the bottom slightly lighter. I don't usually use a lot of purple, but I think it really works between these vases.
Bloom details 
As you can see, I was auditioning the purples before I even stitched down my berries. I put these purple blooms aside very early on, deciding I wouldn't use them. But now, with my berries stitched down, it works. 
 Tomorrow I'll be showing my yellow flower choices


  1. Wow...just fantastic. I wish I can it do like you.
    Greetings Grit

  2. Everything about this quilt is so special, I so want to make it too :-)

  3. Beautiful Esther, and you're going so fast!

  4. My computer crashed last week and after all my photos, the LE pattern was what I most needed to get off the old hard drive. So far I have resisted starting it...... so far

  5. I am amazed out how quickly you are moving on this quilt. All of these flowers are really gorgeous! Your work is exquisite!


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