Tuesday, 23 December 2014

QNNTV: the worst $12 I spent this year

I think we've all been there- you pay for something you don't receive. So you chase it up. When that's ignored, you try again. And again. And because you've had service before, you simply assume the best of the company and wait some more. But nothing happens. And it's annoying because no matter what lengths you go to in order to resolve the issue, you're routinely and rudely ignored.

I'm really disappointed to report that I haven't been able to get hold of anyone at QNNTV since September (and 8 emails later). Sure, $12 is hardly going to break the bank, but I'm quite annoyed to have been treated so rudely and ignored completely.

Is anyone else out there being ignored by QNNTV?

I used to really love their program and would watch it in the background whilst working in my studio. But not anymore. And the bad news is, it seems that this failure in customer service is catching - my Fons & Porter subscription has just done the same thing. I've paid my yearly subscription but have been locked out of all access. And again, no response to queries.

When did quilting companies get so slack?


  1. Me, too, with the worst $12 spent this year at QNNTV. However I didn't try to get in touch with anyone and was glad that is all I spent. completely understand

  2. Yes, I thought there might be others...

  3. The very same thing happened to me!!! I tried numerous times to get anyone to help me, but I never received any response. I have now made peace with it. At least I can watch the Quilt Show.

  4. I had problems with their Customer Service years ago; I'm shocked they still get away with it. You'd think they would try harder to accomodate people.

  5. So sorry to hear that this has happened to you. A sign of a good company is how they deal with customers when things go wrong. Your experience tells us all we need to know. I have had a membership with the Quilt Show for the past two years and have been happy with it. Do they have a Facebook page? Companies often respond quickly to complaints made on social media. Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas, Esther and thank you for all your hard work and wonderful patterns. xx

  6. Yes, I have had similar experiences--sorry this has happened to you--hope you are able to get resolution

  7. They aren't at all lax about getting their money, I guess. (Did they cash your check, get their undue due?) Somehow companies have the time to do that.
    Don't they know that we trust you, and therefore will not be doing business with them. A bad reputation is hard to erase. I hope they see this. I'm not just one customer, on social media I am many!
    Sorry for your troubles Esther. Glad you alerted us.

  8. I can totally understand how frustrated you are Esther. I've been going round and round with Quiltmaker magazine because since 2011 I've been unable to get into my online magazine version. Calling them gets no help, emailing gets the same answers which are nothing more than to say that I need to email their help desk which I've already told them gets no replies back. And now they are part of the F+W Media group too. You might recognize that because QNN media and Fons and Porter and a number of other publications are all under that same group also. I wish I had a contact person I could give you, but I've been unable to get any one person to help me that did anything more than to say they are working on things and then to call the help desk. SO very frustrating I'm paying for something now for the past 3 yrs and still have no access to it so I can totally understand your frustration too Ether.


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