Wednesday, 24 December 2014

WOW: Merry Christmas Eve

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday

Where did the year get to? And why do I always find myself saying that this time each year? I was planning on a wind down, but in reality, there hasn't been a slow down - just a reassignment of energy to different tasks. This year, instead of the usual poinsettias that I usually purchase for the home (I do love them) I went with a basket of 'giant red' geraniums. I love these too, they are a lifelong obsession of mine, and I am really enjoying their huge red blooms and heady scent. I have this basket by the front door.
I did also  get two small potted poinsettias because I couldn't resist but I no longer opted for the huge pot with the largest plant like I normally do because no matter what, they never survive January. So I went for two smaller pots to have on the table for Christmas lunch instead. 

Ordinarily on Christmas Eve, I'd be baking with my DDs and by today, most of it would be done. But this year, with one thing and another, we decided not to do our traditional baking routine and it has somewhat broken up our schedule - it just doesn't feel like Christmas because the oven isn't on and the house isn't full of the scent of almonds! Isn't it funny how these little traditions mark out our personal timetables for the festive season? It just means that we've bought our spekulatius biscuits and cakes and stollen this year instead of making them. It will be interesting to see and taste the difference.

Have you made any Christmas tradition 
changes or shortcuts this year?


  1. I am not doing near the amount of baking that I normally do - it is just a very small group of us and we do not need all that food! Saying that I am baking this afternoon to make my specculas (sp) in my wooden molds that I have and our dear daughter brought over her great niece today who had a present for us - cookie in a jar - all the ingredients except the egg and oil - guess i have more baking to do. Love your flowers

  2. Geraniums always remind me of my Grandma. She took slips and rooted them in the kitchen window so she'd have them again the next spring to plant outside. The scent reminds me of her too. I have some geraniums rooted in my kitchen window right now, that I took from my bush at my home in CA as we were moving away. Not very Christmassy, they are a salmon pink. I think yours are very Christmassy and yours will last for decades if you are careful.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. For the first time since we were newlyweds, we will be opening gifts and doing our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve. The girls (now 18 & 21) will be bringing boyfriends and we are planning on a simple meal of appetizers. Christmas day will be all about relaxing!

  4. Just family, gifts, and chocolate pie....giggle. Merry Christmas!!

  5. Happy Christmas, Esther, and all good wishes for 2015! Celia in England

  6. Best wishes for a happy Christmas Esther!


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