Tuesday, 27 January 2015


I just had to make a quick post to celebrate the fact that my Yahoo BOM Group now has over 5,000 members! The very first pattern I ever released was Red Delicious. I still LOVE that quilt. And I love knowing that there are hundreds of Red Delicious quilts out there. A few years ago, I was sent images from a 'Red Delicious' show that took place here in Australia and another over in the US. That really made my day and it's really what we're all about - making quilts!

We're more than just a quilting Group, we're a friendship Group as well, and I love seeing members from all over the world comment and and share images of their quilts, it's such a blessing to share in the pleasure of quilting with others from all walks of life. If you're a member, thank you for being part of my Yahoo BOM Group, I'm so glad you are.

A huge thank you to our Moderators who keep our Group spam and nuisance free as well as providing endless advice, tips, suggestions and encouragement. We're so blessed to have moderators who are also skilled quilters as well as being Yahoo Group savvy. And I really mean that, because without Moderators there would be no Group, I simply couldn't do it without them and simply wouldn't.  Thanks to our current moderators: Anne Marieke, Bunny, Pat and Glenda for being such a great team. And many thanks also to Jane who was such an important member of our moderating team for a while too. Of course, Moderators have busy lives like the rest of us and I'm grateful for the time they do or have spent making our Group work. It's a sacrifice and commitment I know we're all grateful for. Thank you.

My Yahoo BOM Group is open to any quilter who wants to or is making any of my patterns. Members are asked to follow Group Rules to keep communication friendly, on topic and spam free. Each year I release my original patterns in the Group for free to members. Membership is free and joining is free.
5,000 and growing !
Are you a member yet?

To celebrate 5000 members, I'm offering the Red Delicious & Cherry Thieves Table Runner patterns (my first free BOM patterns) at 50% off. Simply use coupon code "wow5000" in my shop at the checkout. All other patterns in my shop are 25% off this week only to allow members who missed out on any past free BOMs to buy any patterns they love at the best possible price. Simply use coupon code "wow25" at checkout to activate.
Red Delicious was my first ever free BOM. I still love it today and would make it again in a heartbeat (if I had the time) in a new colour scheme. Luckily for me, many of you did make it and this means that I've enjoyed seeing it made in many hues. The Cherry Thieves Table Runner below goes with Red Delicious and was also released for free back in 2008.


  1. Congratulations Esther - 5000 is certainly a great achievement.

  2. Congratulations dear Esther! And thank you for all the lovely patterns you so generously offer for free. Hugs, Anne Marieke

  3. Congratulations Esther. What a testament to you and your talent. Your quilts are beautiful and make me strive to better my skills.

  4. I have been lusting after Red Delicious ever since I joined and now thanks to your generosity I have it! Thank you, Esther, for your continued sharing and inspiration!

  5. Congratulations! And Red Delicious is just exquisite -- thank you for your continued generosity!! :)

  6. Congrats Esther - what an achievement! I very much appreciate your generosity in sharing your patterns and your techniques. The spirit of sharing is one of the things I like best about quilt making!

  7. Congratulationa Eshter I love your patterns. Thanks fot that.

  8. Congratulations Esther - 5000 is certainly a great achievement for your Inspiring work!.Lovely paterns!

  9. Very nice.



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