Friday, 24 July 2015

LE2: Prepping for the Compass Ring

 Today I'm prepping my work area to create the 'ring' that goes around the compass
There's nothing wrong with my first compass (above), I just don't love it anymore. I feel like LE2 wants a polka dotty compass with fewer fabrics and a simpler look - so I made a new one.
 I love it, it's just what I had in mind
Tomorrow I'll be putting down the compass ring


  1. You're right! The second one looks very nice.

  2. it is very pretty! love those colors. Maybe I would get my mojo back for Love Entwined if I changed my colors too - hmm something to think about. Congrats in being in the current issue of Quiltmania (English edition)

  3. Don't you just love it when the vision in your head comes to perfect fruition? I love both of your compass centers, but the second one has some more zing in it.--Jennifer

  4. I just got my Quiltmania issue and was tickled when I saw YOU in it! Great article. Congrats.


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