Monday, 27 July 2015

LE2: Ring Time

The compass ring has been positioned, glued and ironed down. Now it's time to place the little circles at the compass points.
I prepared these a few weeks ago and tucked them in an envelope. On days when I don't feel like tacking anything 'big' I work at preperation - there's always so much to do. I'd forgotten about these fussy cut circles for LE2 but I found them during my room clean up last week, so I feel like I've made up on time!
 And now I just have to hand sew everything down


  1. Great to see your step by step progress!

  2. So pretty. I'm really loving the reds.

  3. Those polka dots just pop love them.

  4. Wow! That's gorgeous. I love the red and love the compass. I've just got to do one of these LEs. Maybe when I finish Oma's blues. And your step by step explanations are most helpful. Thx for a wonderful design.


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