Saturday, 31 October 2015

Pattern Making Leaves

Nothing inspires me more than nature. Actually, most of my designs are based around a desire to showcase designs styled and interpreted on and around natural floras and the fabrics that make those designs shine throughout the year - be it frosty winters, bright springs or warm, woody autumns, 
Naturally this means I press just about any leaf I come into contact with! Whenever I go out, I scan any foliage around me for interesting shapes that I can use in the future. Sometimes I even send my DH to complete strangers' doors to ask for permission to take some leaves from their front yard trees. Up until now, they've always said yes, which is lucky for my design kit.
Mostly, I wipe the leaves down, place them between clean sheets of paper and pop them into cook books (these are always the books that I seem to open up the least and are always 'heavy' enough to do the pressing. And then, voila!


  1. love this idea, there are so many beautiful leaves falling now. Your post about your mixing bowl made me laugh, my mum still uses a plastic bowl she bought in Germany when I was 2, now I'm 45.............

  2. what a clever way to draw leaves, thanks Esther :)

  3. Up until now . . . does that mean someone just said no??! LOL! Clever way to keep leaf shapes handy. We live in the middle of about 110 acres of woods . . . there's always something of interest hanging off a tree! :)


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