Wednesday, 14 October 2015


WOW = WIPs On Wednesday

I am bursting with pride and happiness for Nancy Jones Hansen who is the talented maker of this extraordinary, beautiful and 'Best of Show' winning Love Entwined. I first saw this image over on Facebook and I asked Nancy if I could share it on my blog. She's sending through a better image (which I will update and show off here as soon as I get it).

---and it doesn't stop there---

Earlier in the week, I was sent a link showing that Valerie Harmer of QLD had also shown her own Love Entwined and it is breathtaking - and completely different colour scheme wise and oh soooo beautiful. Two different LE's showing their splendor all in one week. WOW! I haven't asked for Valerie's permission to show her quilt on my blog, so here is a link for you to see it for yourself  ---click here---

When I designed this pattern, I really had no idea that so many talented quilters would make it into their own masterpiece and I am so happy to see that each quilter brings a new, unique style to the pattern - and I'm in love with them all.

WOW! If you're making Love Entwined, please remember that we are all super keen to see the results! (and yes, I am especially). It's so wonderful to see the diversity and workmanship out there. I know uploading images is a time consuming pain, but when you do, it really makes a difference to those of us who get inspired by seeing the finished quilt. Thank you so much :) Oh! And don't forget, we have a Love Entwined Gallery (link on the sidebar) and --anyone-- who has made LE is welcome and invited to join.

Phew, what a great start to Wednesday!

What's Your WOW?


  1. wow I love this bright colour way on black! A real show stopper.

  2. Очень красивое одеяло!!!

  3. Wow, indeed! Both of those quilts are spectacular! Kudos to you for painstakingly creating the pattern for this very special quilt that is so worthy of the many hours and many stitches that go into making it!

  4. Wow, the Love Entwined Quilts are both so amazing, wonderful.

  5. Two spectacular quilts from one impressive pattern. Love them both, but Nancy's is incredible in that rainbow setting.

  6. Two gorgeous, beautiful quilts with your amazing pattern.Congrats!!!

  7. Congratulations to you and to the quilters for their spectacular quilts. I suspect you will see many more blue ribbons on this quilt as more are finished and entered in shows.

  8. Wouh, it´s so beautiful! A Dream!!!
    Greetings, Marita

  9. You must be so proud - I can't imagine how good it must feel to see your pattern turned into two very different quilts. Both are stunning and they are so different from one another! Congrats to the makers and a huge thank you to you for all the work you put into making the pattern for this heirloom quilt!

  10. Absolutely stunning version! It's very rich and proud looking!

  11. Rounds and rounds of applause. It's gorgeous! It's amazing how individual quilts from the same pattern can look.

    Thanks for hosting WOW every week. I appreciate it.


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