Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Meet My Quilt: Peony Pride

I've been revisiting my stencil quilt patterns and oh boy, I'd completely underestimated how much stencil work I did back in the day! Well, just lately I've started receiving more and more interest in stenciling fabric so I thought now would be a good time to revisit my stencil quilts- by showcasing one each week. I hope that sharing my technique and passion, those of you who are interesting in trying this technique will be encouraged to give it a go. Applique is my true love, but there's no denying the allure of stenciling and what it can allow you to create.

Back in 2007 I wanted to create a modern quilt that had all the traditional elements I loved from those quilts of a bygone era - it had to be simple, be floral and make an impact. As a textile artist long before I was a quilter, I was completely comfortable with the idea of stenciling - even though those around me weren't so keen in my newfound interest and I couldn't find any like minded quilters to share my passion with. Not that this put me off, I was determined to see through my own personal stenciling challenges.

You see, I think that stenciling is ahead of it's time - way ahead, and I do think that one day it will get the respect it deserves- I hope it happens whilst I'm still quilting as I feel it's long overdue. It's especially odd to me as stenciling is not some new 'fad' but is up there with heritage quilting techniques - it's been with us since those very first New England quilts so there's no reason to avoid it for the sake of sentimentality.

I got the urge to create Peony Pride because I wanted to create a 'classic' quilt which was completely stenciled, and by doing so challenge the idea of what 'traditional' could mean for a quilt. I decided to just make a go of it and keep it simple. I designed Peony Pride in a single afternoon after flicking through my design journals and I have to say, looking on 9 years later, it still feels relevant and 'now' and yes, I would make it all over again. I still love it. 


  1. Oh my goodness, this is an awesome quilt. I love peonies and have numerous plants in my yard and I think you have truly captured their beauty with this design. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my goodness! Are you telling me that gorgeous quilt is all painted with stencils, not appliqued?! I would have SWORN it was all appliqued! What kind of paint do you use? Do the colors remain so vibrant after washing, or is this a technique that is suitable only for display quilts that will never ever be washed?

  3. Esther, this quilt is beautiful! What is your preferred product for stenciling on fabric? Whatever you used here has perfect coverage.

  4. its even better close up I will have to give this a try

  5. That is awesome!!!! I too, would like to know what kind of paint you use. Thanks.


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