Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WOW: Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Today, as you join WOW for this week, I'm in Europe for my mother's funeral.

I took no sewing with me on my long flight, which is something I went back and forth on as I packed. Would it help to occupy me on the 24 hour flight? Probably. But in the end, I left it behind. I didn't feel any desire for it. Instead, I spent those long hours thinking about the projects in my life, and their meaning. Although there is so much sadness, life goes on. The stitches I have sewn, the hours I have committed and the energy I have put into ideas takes on a new significance as I consider what it means to leave behind a legacy. My own work, which I have poured so much of myself into, will be left to my own family and, in that realization, will represent me in my own absence when that time comes. It adds a poignancy to my own WIPs that represent so many years of my life. WOW each week is all about moving forward and getting things accomplished. So it seems fitting somehow, to be thinking about the value and importance of creating during this time of grief and mourning. 

I've been so touched by your kind and supportive messages, thank you for taking the time to think of me during my sadness. Your thoughts and prayers really do make a difference and I'm so grateful to you all for taking those moments out of your day to help strengthen me during this time of loss and change. Although there is such a feeling of shock and pain, I'm comforted by the kindness of those around me and blessed by the promise that life is not temporary - death is. 

What's Your WOW?

Friday, 8 April 2016

My Sad News

I'm completely heartbroken. My mother has unexpectedly passed away. 

I'm lost for words. 

I never expected as I prepared for this week, that I would be faced with the death of my mother. Or that I would be packing to board a long flight home one final time. Or that my next blog post would be my own healing hearts request. How quickly things can change.

If you'd like to send me a healing heart, I have no preferences, only gratitude. 

Doncaster East Victoria 3109

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

WOW: Playing With Nelke

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I have plenty of WIPs waiting around for my attention, but that doesn't stop me going back and updating past patterns, like Nelke. I love this wall hanging, but the birdy looks lonely and I have always felt the corners needed something. So I popped a Love Entwined double border bow in there and all of a sudden, it feels 'finished' to me. As for the birdy, I made a mate for it - did you see it on Instagram? I snapped it at the time, I was so happy with it. Such small changes, but they feel like such an improvement to me! I'll be updating this pattern with the new changes for anyone who wants it and the update will be available to everyone for free, so if you feel as I have, you can make tweaks too.
What's Your WOW?

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Love Entwined by Ineke Waijers-Persons

Many of you will instantly recognize this exuberant Love Entwined by Ineke Waijers-Persons, Tilburg, The Netherlands. What a stunner! I was lucky enough to see stages of Ineke's quilt progress whilst it was being made because she was generous enough to share pics over in my BOM Group. Now, Ineke's sharing finished images over in the LE Gallery and what can I say? Each is as gorgeous as the next!

Here's what Ineke had to say about her Love Entwined:

"The quilt is called “Send in the clowns”.  I have made some changes to give the quilt a circus theme, there are acrobats, clowns, circus animals, the circus director is there too. I have used Kaffe Fassett fabrics, some silks, cottons, satins, crushed velvet, embroidery, beads.

Searched a long time on the internet to find suitable circus fabrics. Made my own silhouette figures for the elephants and circus artists. Everything that reminded me of the circus has found its place on this quilt. Most of it is appliquéd by machine, I used a small blanket stitch, often with the help of a magnifier glass. At one stage started thinking about the quilting and decided I would let it be done professionally.

It is machine quilted by Elly Prins, who outlined everything and some overall pattern between the applications. Think it is my lifetime achievement this quilt ! Love it too bits, it is now proudly hanging in my living room from ceiling to floor and oh my god it is not a wallflower."

How many times can I even say WOW? I'm speechless, in the best possible way. Seeing Love Entwined made in a unique and stunning style is a real delight! Thanks Ineke, for sharing your beautiful work with all of us!

What about you? Are you making Love Entwined? Have you joined the Love Entwined BOM Group? Go ahead and join us as we share friendship, quilting tips and creativity.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Love Entwined: Month by Month: Part 2

Completing the Compass of Part 1 was such a noteworthy achievement in the creation of this quilt that framing the compass with its own 'crown' and embroidering between the points felt easy in comparison. Something that caught my imagination straight away with the coverlet was the desire the original maker had to add flourish wherever she could possibly squeeze it in. And what a romantic eye she had too, so many flourishes and surprises. In Part 2, we squeeze in some of those tell tale flourishes and attention to detail with little daisies growing our from between each crown point.

The pattern gives you a template for applique-ing these and that was my original attention, but when I was searching for fabric, I came across little flower heads that just spoke to me. So I decided to fussy cut them and over embroider their design. Then, once I'd started I simply carried on an embroidered the entire stem and leaf as well. Consider your options. I knew they'd be plenty of tiny applique ahead and didn't want to exhaust myself so early on in the pattern - and just felt like embroidering the little flowers. Something I later learned is that the coverlet tends to have a mind of its own. When you begin handling it yourself, it will let you know what works and what doesn't. Just go with the flow, I had so many set ideas and all of them fell away when I actually starting making the quilt. I just started and found that it formed its own style. So remember that you can tweak each stage to suit your mood, just as I have with these flowers around the crown.
When it comes to the zig zags, pick a fabric you really love as you will be making 152 of them (76 light and 76 dark). I prepped mine and set them aside for weeks at a time, sorted by lights and darks (and a picture of the completed quilt to keep me going!). It all fit nicely in an old chocolate box and I carted this box around with me to work patiently one zig and one zag at a time.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

WOW: Cherry Delight!

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Nope, it's not another Sweet 2016 block although its certainly a suitable theme. It's my new cherry tablecloth! Isn't it cute? I found it in an Op Shop. Now, I am one of those people who just loves rummaging through Op Shops and the thing is, I always find a treasure. And this sometimes proves to be an issue because no one else in my family seems to appreciate my eye for style and overlooked items of beauty. So mostly I have to admire and leave things behind. Actually, most of the time my DD's won't even let me stop by an Op Shop when we're out so I've missed out on seeing what's new lately. But last week I got lucky and I simply couldn't leave it in the shop.

I confess that I bought it on the sly, whilst my DD was in the Newsagency. I was going to cut it up for the cherries, but I just love it and don't think I will now. I think I actually will use it as an afternoon tea tablecloth! I can tell you, it was worth smuggling home. After washing it (I was worried about the texture as it's screen printed) I gave it an iron and told my DD I had purchased it. Well, she loves it and has no idea I purchased it around the corner from the Newsagency and happily snapped these images for me to show off here on my blog.

I think it's so funny that next time, I might even tell her where it came from. But for today, it's just our secret, OK?

Are there any things which you have to 'smuggle' into the house?

What's Your WOW?

Friday, 25 March 2016

What I'm Listening To This Easter

Whenever someone visits me at home, they always ask what I have on in the background? It's a beautiful ambient noise that doesn't distract or interfere with anything else I'm doing or conversations I might be having. I've been listening to it long enough now that I forget the impact it had on me when I first started listening. But I'm reminded each time someone visits and remarks on how it feels to be in my home. The only difference since their last visit is Wholetones.  

I don't usually listen to the radio or music as background distraction as I go about my day, so when I was first given Wholetones by my daughter, I wondered if I'd get any use from it at all. Well, six months on, I can tell you I certainly have. I don't really think of it as music, but more of creating an ambient environment, and now I wouldn't be without it. 

For those of you who haven't heard, Wholetones is a set of 7 tracks set to a particular frequency and these frequencies effect mood and perception. You may have heard of frequency music before and perhaps even sampled it - don't worry, I can assure you - this is nothing like the new age buzzing tones you may have come across. I don't take part in the 'new age' movement and Wholetones is in no way associated with any of those. It's just quality music tuned to specific instrument frequencies to promote wellness and ease. And I can tell you, it really works.

Why not have a listen and hear it for yourself?