Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Manor House

There is something I look forward to everytime a quilt of mine is featured as a project in a magzine - and that's the professional photo that gets taken.

I am really a bit too lax with my quilt catalogue, often it's just to hard to snap everything hanging nice and staright with good detail. When I photograph at home, there's always the issue of size (and getting a straight shot) as well as lighting...so I really like it when I can get that shot in a mag!

If anyone is interested in making this applique quilt - it's being featured over two issues


  1. It's an extra special issue - it has a quilt of mine, too! I find the best way to photograph my quits, including the big ones, is to use lots of wide double-sided tape (apparently carpet tape is ideal, though I haven't tried it, but normal 1in wide double-sidedtape is available at newsagents) and stick it to an outside wall in the shade, then stand back as far as possible (within reason!) to get the image as sharp as possible at the edges as well as the centre. Hold the camera so that it's centred on the quilt, and you'll get a straight shot.

  2. What a great quilt! All those leaves!

  3. I am also interested in making this quilt, great idea for photographing quilts

  4. Congrats on having your beautiful quilt published...its stunning and I immediately loved it when I opened the magazine. :)

  5. Congratulations on having your quilt published! It's absolutely stunning! I too find taking photo of my quilts so difficult. I might need to photography classes! Quilter's Companion is a great Australian magazine! Well done.



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