Thursday, 1 October 2009

Knitting UFO

Uh oh, the UFO's in my house are not limited to my quilting... we also have a knitting UFO stash.

About 2 weeks ago, I came acros some beautiful yarn and enlisted my DD to knit me a scarf. 'Sure' she said 'no problem'. The only problem it turns out, is that the yarn cannot be worked in crochet and she doesnt like knitting. I knit and crochet so I really couldn't see an issue, but she assured me, you're one or the other. She persisted on needles for 2 rows before giving up. Going through the wool box, I found the yarn I had selected for last year's scarf and predictably... two rows knitted and abandoned. But that's not all. There is plenty of abandoned crochet work in there too. Half spirals, assorted flowers or as she likes to refer to it all : 'samples'.

Yes, I have passed on my bad habits.


  1. Samples are good... I like that better than UFO. I guess I have a lot of samples as well...

  2. Oh Yes Esther I have my knitting bag perminatly next to the lounge chair. Looks good even though I don't do any. My daughter also has my habit. We need to learn to finish one thing before we start another Haha!!

  3. Thank you, for your nice comment!

  4. Yes samples are good, I agree. I have all kind of knitting samples too.


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