Friday, 23 July 2010

Vic Quilters Showcase 2010

It's that time of year again, the Vic Quilter's Showcase is here.

Red Delicious won 1st place in the small Quilts Catergory - Professional

Red Delicious won - Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting

and Dream Fountain won- Runner Up in Open Art Quilts

I won three rossettes and I'm delighted! A big Thank You to the absolutely amazing sponsors of my prizes:
  • Patchwork & Quilters Guild of Victoria
  • Strathdale Quilters Inc
  • Mini Jumbuck & Yazzi International
 It's such a nice feeling to bring home these awards!

Of course, it wouldnt be Showcase if I wasn't doing some last minute quilting. Yes, this year I was quilting 'against' the clock, eager to get In The Pink hanging at the show. This is why I've been absent from blogging. I've been so busy. Every year it's the same. I promise myself  'no more last minute quilting' because my machine ALWAYS plays up and I never do my skills justice when I am in a hurry. But I was so keen to get ITP out there, that I went ahead and finished it. Now I wish I really hadn't, because it's not hanging as straight as I'd like! This isnt too much of a problem as it will be washed and it is a bed quilt....but I am a fussy hanger and I would have liked to see my quilt looking better.

I didn't expect to win anything so my awards took me by suprise. So I didn't have my camera with me! I am going back in tomorrow and will take some snaps of my winning quilts, and if I can bare it, one of ITP too.

What a great show year it has turned out to be. I am in great company with the other winners. Congratulations to everyone and especially Linda Steel, who won Best of Show.  (pic above)

 I do have permission from Linda Steele to blog this pic of her quilt and I will take some more pics tomorrow. And I will take some close ups so you can see her extraordinary talent - it's a beautiful quilt. It's called “Eastern Elements”

Hope to catch up with everyone and see what's new at market tomorrow...


  1. Congratulations, Esther! How fantastic!

  2. Congratulations! Which quilt is that in the photo?

  3. That quilt is just gorgeous...and Congrats on your wins...

  4. Congratulations Esther you must be thrilled to collect three awards. Your work is always superb and they are well deserved.

  5. Congratulations Esther on your 3 rosettes. Well deserved, 3 beautiful quilts.

  6. Linda's quilt is fabulous. I was going to ask you if it was yours. Glad you answered my question in your post. Congrats on your awards. I'm not at all surprised. Your work is lovely.

  7. it was lovely to see you today Esther however briefly :)

  8. That is a beautful quilt. Congrats on the 3 rosettas...that is great news.

  9. Congratulations Esther!!!! Your work is magnificent!!!!


  10. Congratulations Esther!! You must be so proud!! Your quilts are all just beautiful so its no surprise really!! Look forward to more pics.

  11. Congratulations Esther, I saw Red Delicious (and took photo's) and was so pleased when I saw the ribbons. Well done and well deserved, beautiful work...

  12. Congratulations Esther, well done - 3 awards - that's fantastic.

  13. congrats to you Esther! How wonderful for you.

  14. This is wonderful news ..... congrats!

  15. Esther, congrats to you. All three of your prizes are well deserved.


  16. Congratulations! That's a gorgeous quilt.

  17. Well done! That's really fantastic. Just to let you know that the foq blog is closing. Annabel x

  18. Congratulation, well done, and 3 times!


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