Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hip to be Hexagon

As a woman with more UFOs than I like to admit, I probably don't need any more hobbies. This time of year brings out the chetter in me, it's the season for a warm wool blanket. And a crochet blanket is something you just can't buy (well, not easily at least.) My rules are that it has to be useful, beautiful and (most of all) something I can pick up and put down whenever I want. Something than can be bundled into a bag without too much fuss. Here is my Crochet WIP...

Before starting a new crochet blanket, I like to work out a sample block first to see if I like it. I do. I think it's really sweet and a nice variation on the granny square (which is also on my list). Here I've worked it in a left over green wool. It will be in 3 colours: the centre flower, the flower petals and surrounding leaves.

This is my colour inspiration at the moment. This project takes 40 balls of wool and I havent commited yet, but I'm considering this cherry pinkish hue with glossy darkish leaves... I am currently on the lookout to see if I can find some wool to match.

 These colours just speak to me. Such vibrancy. I can imagine throwing out this blanket on a cold evening and being delighted with it again and again... This pic is from my 'colour files.' When I stumble across beautiful images, I picture them for later reference. When I saw these camillia's in bloom I just knew I'd want to remember these colours at a later time.

The best thing about this block? It takes 15 minutes to work up. Yes, 15 minutes. At that rate, I can chet one each evening for just 2 months and have a beautiful work to show for it at the end. Mini projects that add up. I like them!

Do you have a favourite knitted / chetted piece? or a WIP?


  1. The yarn matches your blog so nicely, Esther! I am one who is hooked on hexagons. Is there a pattern available for this one with the flower?

    I don't know what a chetter is, but I know what you mean about the hobbies and the UFOs. While I am also primarily a quilter, I'm always doing some other kind of needlework. In fact, I'm in the middle of knitting two shawls!

  2. What a Gorgeous Hexie & I Just Love that Green...the colours you have chosen are Beautiful...looking forward to seeing your work in progress...

  3. I just loooove the colour combination! It will look gorgeous!I can't wait to see more. You got me interested, I might even follow you.

  4. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GREEN!!! I have been printing the Pretty in Pink *parts* and look what I come across this A.M.....CROCHET!! and hexagons!!!! I am hand quilting a king size hexagon quilt in 2 inch neapolitan ice cream colors (2/3rds complete) and about to start little appliqued flowers with 3/4 in hexagons....why? because I cannot work on one project at a time! I have 3 baby crocheted afghans in the works all my own designs! and doing regular quilting and crocheting and other needle works in the process! I am most happy this way! THANKS for posting this B.O.M.!!! soon as number 6 is out--I should be able to begin!!!

  5. I love this color and design! It looks challenging.

  6. Hi Ester, i love that green hexie! i am trying my hand at the african flower hexies. love doing them too... now that i have figured the pattern out. I will look forward to following your progress on your new project. sue~ n.z.


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