Sunday, 9 January 2011

Finished Afghan Garden!

My flowery afghan is finally finished.
Another WIP taken off the shelf!

I had some fuchsia yarn left over from the flowers so I added and extra border…I made several changes from the pattern and overall I’m happy with it. Next time, though, I will do things differently. I will join as I go.

What was I thinking when I made 94 separate motifs???

Blocking can work miracles for garments, but I think that it flattens loft in blankets, so after a quick wool wash rinse, (double bagged to prevent agitation) I straightened out the afghan to breath. 

No steam, no ironing, no blocking. Normally I don’t end my afghans with a wash, when they are done -they are done, but because it was made over several months and my tension changed, I wanted to shake it out.

After a spin, I laid it out in the sun (it was very hot yesterday) and it dried beautifully. I’m very happy with the quality of wool. And I am so glad that it is finished now because it is a deep winter blanket and I didn’t want to be working away at it any longer in the heat. Now I just have to finish my ongoing ripple blanket.

It is super heavy – I love the weight, it feels so decadent.
I have thrown it over my crocheting tub chair and it’s a perfectly cosy corner now.

All my wool blankets are folded with a rosemary sachet or lavender wand.

Today I realised that I am out of both! It's something I always like to have on hand for blankets, drawers, cupboards, the pantry, window ledges...there are so many uses. I cant be without one!

Does anyone else still make these?

Although a session of sachet making is on my To Do List, and I didn't have time to run them all  up today, I decided to snip some lavender and just make a single one for this afghan so I would feel it was properly and completely finished.

I couldn't stand the idea of folding this blanket away over summer without a wand. 

The bees are still buzzing by my front garden. I decided to trim the bush and as I took the stems, the bees were hanging off my bunches! I had to move extra slowly so they wouldn’t become agitated.

I have left this a little late this year (surprise surprise).

The best time is spring when the lavender is fresh and just starting out - at the moment the stems are woody and dry (even after last night’s cool change and rain). Still, I persevered and although not as pretty as early spring wands, it will do nicely.

It feels good to be finishing projects
and moving along to the next thing…


  1. Beautiful Afghan, love the colours. I haven't seen those lavender stems made like that in a long time. Fabulous.

  2. It looks gorgeous and will smell just as delightful when you come to use it.

  3. I do, I do, Miss!!! I make lavender wands! I picked up the idea on my holiday in Croatia. But I made the same mistake last summer, left it too late and the lavender was too woody, so I mostly just dried the flowers and I haven't yet got around to making up the sachets. But I have not seen the way you do it, with a ribbon through, so I always need a lot of stems to cover the flowers. I must remember it next summer! Oh, sorry, back to the blanket! It is beautiful!!! I loved the colours when you started and it came out so lovely. Well done! I want to make one now, but where to find the time......

  4. Oh what a lovely Afghan, you've done a great job here.
    And what a super idea - lavender wand - I must pass this idea onto Mum

  5. It is absolutely beautiful, no wonder you are pleased with it. I love using my scented sachets in my linen press.

  6. That is beautiful.
    I like the lavender!

  7. Congratulations on a lovely finish! You made wonderful time on this project. I like your wand-making technique, perhaps I'll plant some lavender this spring.

  8. You afghan is just wonderful...

    I have never seen lavender done that way...sooo awesome.

  9. So pretty Flowers and colors, too. I love it.
    Happy neu year, Marita

  10. Gorgeous afghan. Love the pattern.
    I've never seen a lavender wand before. Interesting.

  11. Dear Esther, it turned out gorgeous. You have inspired me to to create myself a crochet afghan. For some reason I crochet them and always give to my mom. So maybe it's time to make one for myself...your fan, Diana

  12. What a pretty finish. And I'm quite impressed with the lavender wand. I've never seen such a thing. How nice it would be to live in a climate where lavender grows, and then just step outside to cut some whenever needed. You are fortunate.

  13. Hello Esther! Your floral afghan is beautiful! I love that colours! And yes, I made this type of lavendar wand last year. It is so cute and smells good in my wardrobe. Have a nice and creative day! Györgyi

  14. Hi, Stunning Esther mine alas might be a UFO... for now ! Happy Stitching for 2011 Chrisb.

  15. Your rug is absolutely beautiful, Esther!

  16. This Afghan is absolutely beautiful. What a lot of work and dedication. I also make the Lavender wands and I love them. Thank you for sharing

  17. Gorgeous! a job well done.....never heard of a lavender wand......will have to try that sometime.

  18. Yes, we still make lavendar wands in the South of France, and you can buy then in the outside market places, Afghan is beautiful, love to take a nap under it.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous afghan! I love the colors! I would make lavender wands but don't usually grow enough.

  20. Beautiful blanket. Loved the idea of making your own lavendar "wand"!

  21. I love the afghan. The lavender wand is a great way to store it. Thanks also for the tip on your non blocking methods for blankets.


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