Tuesday, 7 June 2011

a Rainy Tuesday

Comment Update: I thought I had my commenting ability back - but for unknown reasons, I am still unable to blog on some blogs - and not others. I am visiting blogs and I love strolling through WOW entries, and I will keep on commenting when I can. If I dont comment, it's because I can't. I will persevere until it sorts itself out.

It’s been raining today and I have been pottering around my things. I’m getting over an annoying bug and haven’t had the motivation to really do anything except the basics, so I definitely haven’t been productive.

I thought, I may as well do a few stints of tidying up my studio so that when I do feel better, I will be ready to get stuck in.

Then I found this. Tucked away under some rather beautiful fabric. It’s my Easter Table Decorations. I purchased these 2 little crates in January and thought, wonderful for Easter –to brighten the table during cake and coffees. Except of course, we didn’t enjoy them at Easter because by Easter I had completely forgotten of their existence…and there’s no way I would have found them in the nick of time, because they were stashed near a project which is still a WIP.

 Another reason to sort my things out. I think I will have to create a decoration box. A place to put all the wrapping paper, ribbons, gift boxes and such that goes missing whenever we have to actually wrap something. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Now I just have to actually do it.

It is just me, or is your stash so serious
you find things you forgot you purchased???


  1. Hasn't winter come on with a vengence today! It was hailing only half an hour ago. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. It is not just you, Esther. Just this week I wanted to get hold of a 12mm bias tape maker. Fortunately before I found someone with that size in stock, I discovered one in my own sewing room, which have no memory of ever buying!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. The rain has gone from Sydney until later in the week but it's very cold. Top of 14 for tomorrow. Love your Easter decorations and yes I do find things I don't remember buying.

  4. LOL I think we are all the same. I tidy up find things I had forgot. Then go to look for something and can't find it and tear the place apart. It is scary at times.LOL. It is raining here today and going to be hot hot and very humid on this side of the globe.

  5. I love when I find things that I've completely forgotten about, it's like having new fabrics all over again! I once found 11 blocks that I made years before. I guess because I only made 11 I didn't do anything with them!! 11 ??? Who makes 11 blocks?? Maybe there's one more in there somewhere.

  6. My stash isn't very big but I still lose things. Can't be my age!!!! ha

  7. I find things I've forgotten all the time! And of course, the stuff I am looking for I can't find.

    My hubby has bins for Christmas and Easter. He's in charge of the decorations. I like it that way.


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